Dutch Government Sending Out 'Terminators': World's First Mobile Euthanasia Units

World's first mobile euthanasia unit that will allow patients to die at home

The world’s first mobile team to administer euthanasia in patients’ homes will be launched next month. Units will be dispatched when family doctors refuse to administer lethal drugs on ‘ethical’ grounds. The launch of the first unit, which will consist of at least a doctor and a nurse, was confirmed on Radio Netherlands by the country’s Right to Die Association.

The group confirmed the unit in The Hague will be the first of six that will target borderline cases in which family GPs are reluctant to administer euthanasia. It is likely to be used with mentally ill patients or those with early dementia, involving the patient’s GP only 'if possible', the association has said.

The group has previously claimed that 80 per cent of people with dementia or mental illnesses were being 'missed' by the country’s euthanasia laws.

She added: 'People here should be warned that if we allowed euthanasia they might have a mobile unit at their door at some time.'

In Holland, euthanasia is carried out by administering a strong sedative to put the patient in a coma, followed by a drug to stop breathing and cause death.

re: 'mobile unit at their door some time'

The euthanasia agenda is an issue pertaining to global management, i.e. eugenic control of the world's populations in the context of "resource management" concerns. The resources in question being of course human cattle, and the management issue being a bottom line cost-versus-benefit business decision in whether or not to extend the life of any certain 'resource'. Is it cost-productive, in other words.

So-called Obamacare came under fire a little over a year ago because this basic philosopy was found to be woven into the language of the bill. Opponents pointed out that in reality the language was allowing for the creation of what would eventually become in essence "death panels". Opposition was great of course, and it was dropped from the legislation, but was then quietly inserted into a Medicare bill by directive, which actually took effect 1-1-11. That too met tremendous opposition and was short-lived, being essentially put on hold four days later:

'Death Panels' Put On Ice; Let The Dialectic Begin 1-5-11 "'The White House official said the administration is now pulling back the language because there wasn't enough chance for all sides to comment on the change' - "all sides to comment....The doctors and public health advocates are weighing in already and the opponents are countering. This clash of opposites is designed to create opportunities for 'consensus', which translates into forward progress" [see post]

Here is where what is happening in Holland ties-in to the current state of affairs in the USA. Obamacare so-called is still pending. And the death-panel philosophy woven into it has not gone away, it is just on the back burner - while "all sides are given their chance to comment". Eugenics is a part of the global agenda and the demented would-be global masters have no intention of letting it go. In fact - the Dutch are starting to knock on doors. Be aware.
'But God shall wound the head of his enemies...' Psalms 68:21

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