'Team Obama' Citizenship Update: Georgia Court Ruling Now Expected "By Friday"

Update on: Taitz: Georgia Court Ruling On Obama No-Show Expected Feb. 1st or 2nd 1-27-12 "The state of Georgia has promised "peril"... staying tuned"
Plaintiffs' briefs due today in Obama’s Georgia ballot eligibility case allvoices.com

Attorneys representing eight plaintiffs seeking to remove President Barack Obama's name from Georgia's Super Tuesday Democratic Primary ballot on March 6 have until close of business today to file their briefs in the case heard before deputy administrative law judge Michael Malihi last week in Atlanta.

Judge Malihi had originally set the deadline for briefs on February 6, 2012, a month out from the election. Judge Malihi will then file his brief containing Findings of Facts and Conclusion of Law with Brian Kemp, Georgia's Secretary of State.

Georgia law requires the Secretary of State to resolve issues regarding election disputes.

Judge Malihi is expected to rule on this case by Friday of this week in order to give Secretary of State Kemp sufficient time to review his findings and issue an order approving or rejecting the Democratic Party of Georgia's primary ballot.
The above article states that regardless of the fact that the defendant did not appear, the briefs submitted by the plaintiffs must sustain a "burden of proof" sufficient to substantiate their claims if they are to be awarded a judgment in their favor. The author of the article is suggesting that this will not likely happen.

Everything according to the script in the make-believe world of tikkun olam... Rev. 18:4
2-3-12 Fri. update: ruling in - case thrown out

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