US-Canada "Beyond The Border" Details Coming Out: Total Integration, Total Surveillance, Global Collaboration

This post is an update on: 12-7-11 Canada-USA NWO "Beyond The Border" Deal Signed, Will Merge Regulatory, Security, Police 12-8-11 "Enhanced tracking of travellers in both countries, cross-border police teaming, aligning of regulatory in "agriculture, food, health and personal care, chemical management and environment", and the very Orwellian sounding declaration to "work more closely to identify "radicalized" people who MIGHT become violent" - regardless of whatever spin is put on this it very simply is regional-global management and police state Big Brotherism. It should be noted that while both countries have sworn to "maintain national sovereignty", this will only be a facade. The harmonization i.e. integration of the two countries is not according to any sovereign goals of the two countries, but according to the globalist agenda. All the nations on earth are now being 'harmonized' and 'regionalized' in the exact same way, according to the same agenda. Once that is done, all the new regions will then be harmonized into what is to be the final global dictatorship. Can you see it?
Towards the Creation of the US-Canada Police State. "Counterterrorism" and War on Drugs used to Justify Sweeping Reforms globalresearch.ca

[excerpted] In a move that went largely unnoticed, the U.S. government unveiled a new counter-narcotics strategy for the northern border which will work towards closer cooperation with Canada in the war on drugs.

In January, the Obama administration announced the National Northern Border Counternarcotics Strategy. A press release by the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) described how the plan seeks, “to reduce the two-way flow of illicit drugs between the United States and Canada by increasing coordination among Federal, state, local, and tribal enforcement authorities, enhancing intelligence sharing between counterdrug agencies, and strengthening ongoing counterdrug partnerships and initiatives with the Government of Canada and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).” Senator Charles Schumer proclaimed, “I pushed so hard for this strategy to be finalized because we have to immediately stop the flow of drugs from Canada into New York, and it’s going to take an inter-agency and international effort.” He added, “I’m pleased that this agreement lays the groundwork for Canadian and American law enforcement to work hand-in-glove to fight the drug trade.”

“By strengthening integrated cross-border law enforcement between our two countries, the Strategy supports a key area of cooperation outlined by President Obama and Prime Minister Harper in the Beyond the Border declaration.” In December of last year, the leaders issued the follow up Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness Action Plan. The deal focuses on addressing security threats early, facilitating trade, economic growth and jobs, integrating cross-border law enforcement, as well as improving infrastructure and cyber-security. As part of the agreement, both countries will, “create integrated teams in areas such as intelligence and criminal investigations, and an intelligence-led uniformed presence between ports of entry.” The U.S. and Canada continue to expand the nature and scope of joint law enforcement operations, along with intelligence collection and sharing.

The new northern border drug strategy also called for increasing judicial cooperation, improving information-sharing and extradition arrangements, as well as better coordinating cross-border undercover operations and investigations with Canada. It recommended working towards, “operational fusion with Canadian partners in interoperable communications, technology, and activities. The ability to integrate Canadian and U.S. technology, including sensors, videos, radio communications, and radar feeds, will permit automated sharing of timely information.” ...The document also argued that, "It is imperative that Canada and the United States work together to expedite the sharing of information from electronic communication service providers; and share information necessary to lay the foundation for intercepting internet and voice communications.”

The use of technology is emphasized throughout the report, “Technical collection capabilities and programs along the Northern border, such as thermal camera systems, License Plate Readers (LPRs), Mobile Surveillance Systems, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), national distress and command and control networks, and Remote Video Surveillance Systems will be deployed and carefully coordinated among participating agencies.”

On February 9, the Conservative government released the Building Resilience Against Terrorism: Canada’s Counter-terrorism Strategy. The new plan is aimed at countering domestic, as well as international terrorism and better protecting Canadian interests. It outlined counter-terrorism efforts under four pillars, “prevent individuals from engaging in terrorism; detect the activities of individuals who may pose a terrorist threat; deny terrorists the means and opportunity to carry out their activities; and respond proportionately, rapidly and in an organized manner to terrorist activities and mitigate their effects.” The report stressed partnership and cooperation as the key to achieving these goals which, “will require an integrated approach not only by the Government of Canada, but by all levels of government, law enforcement agencies, the private sector and citizens, in collaboration with international partners and key allies, such as the United States.” The strategy will, “serve to reinforce security initiatives between Canada and the U.S. and will complement the Canada-U.S. Beyond the Border: A Shared Vision for Perimeter Security and Competitiveness."

The never ending war on drugs and war on terrorism are being used to justify the huge police state security apparatus being assembled...We are witnessing the criminalization of dissent where those who oppose the government’s agenda are being labelled as terrorists and a threat to security.
Little to no specific details were given at the time of the 12-7-11 signing of the "Beyond the Border" Canadian-American agreement. Those details are now starting to come out. The above report gives a broad overview of some specific "strategies" that have come as a result of the agreement, and is absolutely worth the time to read in full, carefully [go to link]. The comprehensive scope of what is being done is truly stunning. Firstly, that a total surveillance society is literally on the verge of becoming fact - from the "intercepting" of all forms of electronic communications to mobile and remote video surveillance systems to drones, to the "four pillars" of so-called terror-prevention [above] - a virtual straightjacket is being put on John Q. Public. Secondly, that the governmental and societal integration detailed in the above report is not only continental, i.e. Canamerica, but by way of "counterterrorism" is also global. "Collaboration with international partners" is how that has been worded [compare 3rd link below].

The time to understand that radical changes are imminent, and why, is now.
Rev. 18:4

One world government. This is that. The bible calls it antiChrist. They want to own you, literally to possess your soul. To believe on and confess the Lord Jesus Christ, as opposed to the only other option, bowing your knee to the kabalist NWO 666 false christ, is the only possible way out - ever. Believe it or not, like it or not, never forget that! Rom 10:9,13
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