NWO Plan Working: Catholics To Lead White House Protest 2-16-12; Colson Invokes "Manhattan Declaration"

Follow up on: NWO 'Religious Protest' Agenda Begins In America: Thousands March Against NYC Ban On Churches Using Schools 1-31-12 " Mark this occasion, it is the beginning of what is going to become a huge movement...Religious groups joing hands to fight the common enemy creates NWO uni-faith organizations. By design. "Civil disobedience" disrupts the status quo, which enables a new staus quo to be created. By design.
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Faith and Pro-Life Leaders to Challenge Obama Mandate by Praying and Risking Arrest in Front of the White House

WASHINGTON, Feb. 12, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- The prayer vigil and public witness, will take place on Thursday, February 16, at 11:00 A.M. It will be on the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW side. The name of the event is called, "A Time to Stand."

Faith and pro-life leaders will be on a nationwide conference call this Monday discussing how to publicly respond to the Obama Administration mandates and the impact they will have on the 2012 elections. The leaders will also be asked to sign and distribute the "A Time to Stand Declaration" and plan for the February 16 event.

"A Time to Stand Declaration"

[excerpted] "As people of mercy, principle and justice, we also purpose in our hearts never to comply with an unjust or immoral government mandate which would require us to violate our conscience, the teachings of the Holy Scriptures and the historic teachings of the Church. We will stand against injustice even if that means going to jail...Therefore, the reaction is not only in the press, in the courts, and in the Congress. It is, should be, and will be in the streets. Civil disobedience must be part of the response." For the faith community, we can never be silent or indifferent when it comes to matters of justice, human rights and religious liberty. We want to make it clear to President Obama and all public officials that we would rather spend time in a dark prison cell than be coerced into complying with an immoral and unjust government mandate. We will be peaceful. We will be humble. We will be prayerful. But, we will stand!
Colson Invokes "Manhattan Declaration"

Colson: "But the question for all of us, Henninger writes, "is whether anyone can remain free of a U.S. government determined to do what it wants to do, at whatever cost." Friends, the answer to that question depends on whether we the people, and especially we Christians and people of all faiths will rise up and say, "Enough! You may not intrude on our religious beliefs, you may not prohibit us from living out our faith."

So today, as I have earlier this week, I am asking you to take action. Go to ManhattanDeclration.org, sign our petition to the President to reverse the HHS decision. Thousands of people have already done so. And then sign the Manhattan Declaration itself and get your friends to do the same thing. I have said before, now is the time to speak out-and to remain vigilant in the face of the government's enormous appetite for power over the lives and liberties of its citizens. What's really at stake is whether we will continue to be a free country.
re: "It is, should be, and will be in the streets"

Un-named Faith and pro-life leaders", led by the Catholic church, will be demonstrating in front of the White House this week Thursday (2-16-12), and are calling for civil disobedience.

Evangelical 'leader' Colson is calling for "people of all faiths to rise up". Colson was one of three original draftees of the 4,700-word "Manhattan Declaration: A Call of Christian Conscience" (11-22-09), along with Dr. Robert George and Dr. Timothy George. Hundreds of thousands are already signed on to Colson's document, just waiting to be told what to do.

see: The Manhattan 'Deception' And One World Religion: Movement Invites Mormons, Jews, Non-religious to Join 1-8-10 "It is now more evident than ever that the Manhattan Declaration movement is undeniably just another part of the manipulative process of merging the world's religions for global management purposes, i.e. one world government and one world religion...to be accomplished under the guise of joining hands for social causes.

There are two things going on here. The first is the merging of religions, which is of course required for NWO religious harmony, the second is the disruption of the 'status quo' through induced "civil disobedience" - so that it can then be replaced with a 'new' status quo - the NWO that is. What we are now seeing has been planned to accomplish this, on both counts. It is just that simple. And again, the religious leaders are in on it. Novus ordo seclorum devotees all.

Disruption of life as you've known it is about to go live - and just wait until they throw the homosexual 'marriage' debacle into the mix - which is a definite. Be keenly aware from here on out. This 'religious battle' is going to be long and drawn out, and it will be a game changer. And not for the better. Wreaking havoc is the only goal. Rev. 18:4

See all: 'Manhattan Declaration' (track it all the way back to the start if interested)

2-16-12 update; video
Note to true Christians - John 18:36 'Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight'

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