Georgia Court Ruling In: 'Team Obama' Citizenship Case Thrown Out

Judge: Obama eligible to be Georgia candidate ajc.com

A state administrative law judge on Friday flatly rejected challenges seeking to keep President Barack Obama from being a candidate in next month's Georgia primary.

In a 10-page order, Judge Michael Malihi dismissed one challenge that contended Obama has maintained a Hawaiian birth certificate that is a computer-generated forgery, has a fraudulent Social Security number and invalid U.S. identification papers. He also turned back another that claimed the president is not a natural born citizen.

Malihi's finding goes to Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, who will make the final determination.

Disappointment by many - no doubt. But realistically speaking - no surprise. The fix was in. It has been all along. What must be understood is that this is not about Obama. Obama can do nothing without 'Team Obama' which merely uses him for their front man. It is about the powerful forces behind the scenes directing and controlling events to build the NWO, the 'new' Tower of Babel. It is about dissolving America into the NWO. That agenda is well advanced, and harsh as the reality is, it must be faced because it will not be stopped - at least not until Rev. 19 that is. It is biblical. see: "Ten Kings...Shall Arise" Dan. 7:24

Time to believe the bible.

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