NWO Plan Working: Nationwide Unifaith Protest Against HHS Mandate 3-23-12

This post is a follow up on: More On One World Religion And Contraception Mandate: Million Signature 'Unifaith Petition' To Go To Congress 2-22-12 "Congealing the various "faith groups" into a single manageable entity is the design of the NWO architects of 'transformational change'. Having created circumstances where opposition is perceived to be crucial, i.e. the attack on religious freedoms...the various factions of Christendom are now being manipulated into taking defensive measures - meaning putting aside differences and joining hands....expect to see interfaith rallies beginning in cities across the USA anytime now..."
HHS Mandate Sparks Nationwide Demonstrations

CHICAGO, Feb. 27, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- The controversy over President Obama's HHS Mandate is now pouring out onto the streets. On March 23, concerned citizens in over 50 cities -- including Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and San Francisco -- will gather at federal buildings for a rally with the theme, "Stand Up for Religious Freedom -- Stop the HHS Mandate!"

Thousands of Americans of all faiths are expected to participate in these rallies, organized by Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and the Pro-Life Action League, to oppose the new mandate from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that requires all employers to provide free contraceptives, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs through their health plans. Religious leaders and other public figures will speak out against the HHS Mandate.

"The Obama mandate is a complete affront to religious liberty," said Monica Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society. "Persons of faith or no faith at all should be alarmed at Obama riding rough-shod over the conscience of American citizens. We are calling on all people of good will to rise up and vigorously oppose this ruling."

The Coalition declares:

1. We protest the federal government's definition of what constitutes a religious institution through the narrowly constructed "exemption" to the HHS Mandate, a definition which is both false and beyond the federal government's authority to make.

2. We protest the fact that religious institutions, even after President Obama's so-called "accommodation," are being forced to facilitate contraception, sterilizations, and abortion-inducing drugs through the health plans they are mandated to provide.

3. We protest the Mandate forcing all businesses -- not just religious institutions -- to provide coverage of contraception, sterilizations, and abortion-inducing drugs, if even doing so violates their own moral convictions on these matters.

4. We protest the HHS Mandate because, in requiring all health plans to provide free contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs as "preventative care," it treats pregnancy and childbirth as a disease.

All faiths..rise up and vigorously oppose - which is exactly how the NWO architects of transformational change have designed this to work. 3-23-12 is only one day though, and it is only the beginning of the pre-planned interfaith "religious resistance movement". Do not be surprised to see future religious-protests coinciding with Occupy protests. Again, as stated many times, the new order can never be implemented until the old order is first destroyed. They're playing for keeps now. See it for what it is.

Much more on these things; see: ; 'Manhattan Declaration'

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