TSA-VIPR Police State To Surround Super Bowl - Because of "Potential Terrorist Risks"

TSA-VIPR Police State Super Bowl

According to TSA, Super Bowl fans may encounter TSA Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) teams at local transportation venues, including commercial and general aviation facilities and mass transit. It said the teams would augment other federal, state, and local transportation and law enforcement to reduce potential terrorist risks to the traveling public.

Additionally, TSA said over 8,000 stadium vendors, parking lot attendants, shuttle bus drivers, and other transportation professionals received the agency’s First Observer training for detecting and assessing indicators and planning tactics of potential terrorist activities.
This post is an update on: TSA Mission 'Creep': After TN, VIPR Teams Slithering Into Other States 11-8-11 "Using fabricated 'GWOT' events as a pretext to 'deter' future 'terror' events, the federal government taking over the "transportation hubs" of the individual states can ultimately prove to be nothing less than a slithering, mission-creeping NWO martial law implementation"

What would a police state look like? Probably might look something like federal, state, and local law enforcement, all under the direction of a central agency (TSA), with para-military squads (VIPR) roaming at will, and 8,000 civilians forced into 'training programs' and deputized to assist, exactly as described above. As always, because of the NWO GWOT boogey man. Take note again
Heb. 10:37 'For yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and will not tarry' [see: 'imminent return']

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