More On One World Religion And Contraception Mandate: Million Signature 'Unifaith Petition' To Go To Congress

'Silent Majority' Speaks Out Against Liberal Agenda -- A Christian 'Tsunami' May be Headed to Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON, Feb. 22, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- A movement is underway to put lawmakers on notice that the so-called "silent majority" will no longer remain silent on issues of religious freedom and the erosion of America's traditional values as set forth by its founding fathers 250 years ago.

More than one million Americans will soon deliver that message to Congress and national policy makers by way of a petition. The aforementioned "silent majority" -- most often referring to the uncountable tens of millions of Christian-faithful who follow their religious beliefs and principles- are letting their voices be heard.

The man behind the petition is Damon Davis, CEO of the Legacy Worldwide Foundation based in Atlanta, Georgia. Davis says, "I no longer believe we can simply speak to our nation's leaders about these issues. I believe the time has come for Capitol Hill to hear the roar from their constituents who vote for them in good faith." Davis' Legacy Worldwide Foundation is a faith-based, humanitarian organization which the evangelist leader says is positioned to" ... temper a reasonable balance of America's traditional values with those being proffered by a liberal, elitist agenda."

Davis is calling on people of faith to join together to send a message to Washington lawmakers that a great number of those whom they count on for votes are not happy with the way things are going.

re: 'no longer believe we can simply speak - people of faith...join together'

Any faith, doesn't matter - just join with the great cause. Congealing the various "faith groups" into a single manageable entity is the design of the NWO architects of 'transformational change'. Having created circumstances where opposition is perceived to be crucial, i.e. the attack on religious freedoms...the various factions of Christendom are now being manipulated into taking defensive measures - meaning putting aside differences and joining hands.

Again, expect to see interfaith rallies beginning in cities across the USA anytime now. This will begin to create networks. Networks can then be woven into a single manageable entity. Ultimately that becomes the planned one world religion. The plan is underway. Rev. 18:4

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