'Scientists' Unable To Explain Mystery Epidemic Killing Thousands of Ag Workers In Central America

Mystery disease kills thousands in Central America

[excerpted] A mysterious epidemic is devastating the Pacific coast of Central America, killing more than 24,000 people in El Salvador and Nicaragua since 2000 and striking thousands of others with chronic kidney disease at rates unseen virtually anywhere else.

"This is a disease that comes with no warning, and when they find it, it's too late," Ordonez said as he lay on a hammock on his porch...Many of the victims were manual laborers or worked in sugar cane fields that cover much of the coastal lowlands.

Scientists say they have received reports of the phenomenon as far north as southern Mexico and as far south as Panama. Last year it reached the point where El Salvador's health minister, Dr. Maria Isabel Rodriguez, appealed for international help, saying the epidemic was undermining health systems.

The roots of the epidemic, scientists say, appear to lie in the grueling nature of the work performed by its victims, including construction workers, miners and others who labor hour after hour without enough water in blazing temperatures, pushing their bodies through repeated bouts of extreme dehydration and heat stress for years on end.

"I think that everything points away from pesticides," said Dr. Catharina Wesseling, an occupational and environmental epidemiologist who also is regional director of the Program on Work, Health and Environment in Central America. "It is too multinational; it is too spread out. "I would place my bet on repeated dehydration, acute attacks everyday. That is my bet, my guess, but nothing is proved.".

While some of the rising numbers may be due to better record-keeping, scientists have no doubt they are facing something deadly and previously unknown to medicine...Brooks and Johnson, the kidney specialist, said they have seen echoes of the Central American phenomenon in reports from hot farming areas in Sri Lanka, Egypt and the Indian east coast.

"We don't really know how widespread this is," Brooks said. "This may be an under-recognized epidemic."

According to one of Brooks' studies, about eight years ago the factory started providing electrolyte solution and protein cookies to workers who previously brought their own water to work...Associated Press reporters saw workers bringing water bottles from their homes, which they refilled during the day from large cylinders of water in the buses that bring them to the fields.

The trade group for Nicaragua's sugar companies said the Boston University study had confirmed that "the agricultural sugar industry in Nicaragua has no responsibility whatsoever for chronic renal insufficiency in Nicaragua" because the research found that "in the current body of scientific knowledge there is no way to establish a direct link between sugar cane cultivation and renal insufficiency."

Brooks, the epidemiologist at Boston University, told the AP that the study simply said there was no definitive scientific proof of the cause, but that all possible connections remained open to future research.

re: "rates unseen....something deadly and previously unknown to medicine"

According to the above article, 'scientists' are at a supposed loss to explain the cause of what has become a mysterious epidemic of kidney disease that comes with "no warning", causing the unexplainable deaths of tens of thousands of field workers in Central America.

In general, again according to the article, 'scientists' are ruling out pesticides and chemicals, and are leaning toward what they have termed "chronic dehydration" - or in other words - too many days of too many hours with not enough water: "This is a new concept, but there's some evidence supporting it," Johnson said. "There are other ways to damage the kidney. Heavy metals, chemicals, toxins have all been considered, but to date there have been no leading candidates to explain what's going on in Nicaragua...As these possibilities get exhausted, recurrent dehydration is moving up on the list."

A "new concept of...recurrent dehydration"? Is that supposed to be believable? The final conclusion though, according one more time to the article, is that no one is to blame actually, and that no one really knows why it is happening. The sugar industry in Nicaragua claims "no responsibility whatsoever", and the 'scientists' claim "no definitive scientific proof of the cause".

Meanwhile, the mysterious and deadly "recurrent dehydration" epidemic is reportedly just as mysteriously spreading north to Mexico and south to Panama, as well as across the ocean now to Sri Lanka, Egypt, and India.

Recurrent dehydration? What about "eugenics"?

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Psalms 140:8 'Grant not, O LORD, the desires of the wicked: further not his wicked device; lest they exalt themselves. Selah.'

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