NWO Unifaith Groups Forming, Claim White House 'Concession' On Contraception Worthless

Obama's Attempt To Placate Religious Americans Nothing But a Gimmick

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins...released the following statement: [excerpted]

"This revised HHS mandate does nothing to change the fundamentally anti-religious, anti-conscience and anti-life contraceptive mandate. It rather only creates some paperwork gimmicks that don't change the fact that religious employers who object to coverage of these services will now have to drop health insurance altogether to maintain their conscience and face severe penalties for doing so.

... this new proposal still requires religious entities that are not exempt as a church to subsidize and pay insurance companies so they can give free birth control to their employees. However, it won't be free, because the insurance companies will increase the premium and administrative costs to the employer.

"This new gimmick forces religious entities to violate their religious beliefs and continues to show a complete disdain for the First Amendment. There is no compromise if a single American citizen is required to violate his or her conscience.

"The President and his senior counselors have run into an immovable wall of truth which is fixed and absolute. No political machinations they attempt will surmount the unshakeable religious and moral convictions of those of us opposing this government order. We urge Congress to pass the Fortenberry/Blunt bi-partisan 'Respect for Rights of Conscience Act of 2011."
This post is a follow up on: White House Sets Up Showdown With Catholic Church: Says "No Right" To Object To Contraception/Abortion Rules 2-1-12 "Given the two stated positions, "civil disobedience" becomes the only possible outcome. Exactly as NWO designed - ordo ab chao style. Again, be informed because this is a 'no way out' scenario and it won't be long before it begins to unfold..."

and: NWO 'Religious Protest' Agenda Begins In America: Thousands March Against NYC Ban On Churches Using Schools 1-31-12 " Mark this occasion, it is the beginning of what is going to become a huge movement... Religious groups joing hands to fight the common enemy creates NWO uni-faith organizations. By design. "Civil disobedience" disrupts the status quo, which enables a new staus quo to be created. By design. The new "status quo" is of course ultimately to be the religiously-harmonized global kingdom of Antichrist. Believe it or not."

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins is not a catholic. He represents the Christian-evangelical sector. An "immovable wall...fixed and absolute" is how he has described his organization's position, and then showed solidarity with the Catholics with the use of the phrase "those of us who oppose this government order". Judging from these statements, it is very clear that "religious organizations joining hands to fight the common enemy" (quoting from 'protest agenda' directly above) has now begun.

Unifaith organizations being formed to 'oppose the government order' - this is straight out of the NWO one-world-religion building manual. And the 'religious leaders' are in on it too. When you see a one-world government and a one-world religion forming - understand the times.
Rev. 18:4

compare: Evangelicals, Catholics, Mormons Sign Letter To American People To Resist Forced Homosexual Agenda; Predict Conflict 1-17-12

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Psalms 1:1 'Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly'

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