Real Meaning Of Eddie Long 'King' Ceremony: Enacts Antichrist, 'Hebrew Roots' Deception

Laodicean Christians receive and worship 'false messiah' in bizarre Jewish Talmudic ritual

"Fresh off a time-out period after his non-denied pedophile-homosexual activity went through an out of court settlement, Eddie Long suddenly reappears, has this ceremony performed over him while all the world watches on Youtube, and the result is that he now "will be released to teach Torah" (4:35 in video).

Jewish subjugation of Christianity for the purpose of deluding 'Christians' into one day receiving the coming false-christ 'Jewish-messiah' as the genuine item is the end goal.

This was acted out on the stage, with Long playing the role of 'Messiah'. At the end of the ritual while Long sat on the throne under the spotlight in the darkened building, the blinded congregation sang "...you reign on high O mighty god...your love is like no other...prepare ye the way of the lord...yeshua you reign on high"...for over four minutes, trance-like (9:20 - 13:30). Long sat there and took it all in. That is called psychological transference. Look again at the pictures above. The lower left photo depicts a moment when the auditorium was darkened and what looks like it is supposed to be the "shekinah" is above Long (13:40). The lower right photo has him sitting in the spotlight on the tip of the New Birth Church logo (9:30). Just noting but it looks strangely like a devil's pitchfork, but better well leave that one alone anyway. More than likely though there is an even deeper symbolism involved.

Long was made a "King in Israel", and was basically worshiped by adoring crowds. The false Jewish messiah aka the antichrist will be a "King in Israel" (
here), and will be worshiped by adoring crowds (Rev. 13:8). All these things were done as a 'mock up', a kabalist as-above so-below ritual. Long was "raised from earth into a heavenly realm" (7:40) said the Hebrew Roots rabbi (Matt. 23:8) and the "Aaronic blessing" was sung over him (8:05) - signifying a mock high priesthood. This of course is pure blasphemy because the Lord Jesus Christ is the only High Priest of the Christian, and it is He alone "that is passed into the heavens" (Heb. 3:1; 4:14). Not to mention of course that the priesthood no longer belongs to the Aaronic line, having been changed (Heb. 5:10; 7:11, 12). The "Aaronic blessing" then is another defiant denial of the Deity of Jesus Christ. But few professing Christians know their bibles and in that they have made themselves defenseless against such charlatanry (2Tim. 2:15). Nevertheless, a clear picture has been drawn. The real false Jewish messiah, as exampled by Long in this ritualistic ceremony, will on his appearance lay claim to the heavenly authority and Priesthood of the True Christ. 'As above so below' they call it.

...the most important thing to remember at this point concerning this profane display is that Talmudic Torah-conversion preaching, aka "Hebrew Roots", is now to be done openly throughout Christendom, and Long is slated to lead the charge - from within."

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Jude 17-18 'But, beloved, remember ye the words which were spoken before of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ; How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts'