World Bank's Zoellick Announces 'Global Partnership For Oceans' - Because "Oceans Are In Danger"

World Bank President Robert Zoellick sets forth global coalition to "save oceans". Key quotations excerpted from Zoellick's 2-24-12 speech at the "World Oceans Summit; Singapore 2/22-24/12"
The Economist World Oceans Summit - 'A New S-O-S - Save Our Seas' all africa.com

Ladies and gentlemen,

Oceans are the lifeblood of our world.

The world's oceans are in danger.

Around the world, we estimate that about 350 million jobs are linked to the oceans through fishing, aquaculture, coastal and marine tourism, and research.

For hundreds of millions of people around the world, oceans are essential for providing food, jobs, livelihoods, and protection.

We need a new S-O-S: Save Our Seas.

To make our oceans healthy and productive again, we need greater cooperative and integrated action around the globe, So today, I want to propose a new approach - an unprecedented Global Partnership for Oceans.

This Partnership will bring together countries, scientific centers, NGOs, international organizations, foundations, and the private sector to pool knowledge, experience, expertise, and investment around a set of agreed upon goals.

We are asking as many organizations as possible to join this initiative. And I am delighted to announce that the response has been extremely positive.

We are also in discussions with Australia, Monaco, New Zealand, and Norway about working with us on the Partnership.

Conservation International, the National Geographic Society, The Nature Conservancy, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the World Wildlife Fund, and Rare Conservation are prepared to add their expertise, great capacity for innovation, and advocacy.

Finally, but critical to our success, private sector actors - Darden Restaurants, the International Sustainable Seafood Foundation, the World Ocean Council, and the National Fisheries Institute - are engaged.

We need a common approach and a set of common goals.

First, countries need help making better decisions about oceans...To make better decisions, countries also need to reform policies

Second, there are numerous areas where greater investment can make a real difference. When a coastline is managed, better decisions are made about development. When marine areas are protected, critical ecosystem services can recover and thrive, enhancing the ocean in neighboring spaces as well.

Third, we need broader cooperation between the public and private sectors.

There is much more to do. But meeting these goals will take significant steps toward reversing the dangerous, centuries-old deterioration of ocean and coastal ecosystems.

This is a critical start.

The World Bank will be convening a first meeting of the Global Partnership for Oceans in Washington, DC this April. I invite all of you to attend.

re: "Global partnership for oceans"

To "save the earth" from climate change the entire world must 'go green', they say. To "save ourselves from terrorists", they say, the populations of the earth must give up their freedoms and live in total surveillance societies. Now they say, "The world's oceans are in danger"...and...if we are to "save our seas" we must have a self-appointed global body to assure "integrated action around the globe" so that the oceans can be "healthy and productive again".

This "new S.O.S." would be more accurately interpreted Same Old Story.

This global body is to be an "unprecedented partnership" of "countries, scientific centers, NGOs, international organizations, foundations, and the private sector", which will then grant itself the authority to supercede national authorities because...countries "need help making better decisions...and also need help to reform policies". The self-appointed global body will also invest itself with "coastline management" decision making worldwide, and would also like to create a "broad cooperation" between the public and private sectors of affected industries and individuals.

In other words...it is the creation of a massive global network which will allow for worldwide control of "fishing, aquaculture, coastal and marine tourism, and research", as well as the "350 million jobs...and hundreds of millions of people" that fall into the ocean-related category.
Writing policies, i.e. regulations, for everybody and everything globally, managing all ocean usage worldwide, and insuring "cooperation" all the way down to the private individual - holding all to the "agreed upon set of goals".

There is a name for this - it is called Agenda 21. Most are familiar with that name by now. The reality is that A21 is a plan to micromanage the planet and absolutely every single thing, and person, on it. In essence it is privatizing the earth.

Privatizing the oceans is what is happening here - a very large piece of the global dictatorship puzzle being put into place. The first meeting is in April - take note.
Rev. 10:1,2-3 'And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire...and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth, And cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth"...and said, shalt thou be lords of the sea and the earth? ...I think not.

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