Multifaith In, Megachurches Out: NWO Absorbing Schuller's Crystal Cathedral

Schuller's Crystal Cathedral Downsizing

GARDEN GROVE – Crystal Cathedral, the megachurch founded by the Rev. Robert H. Schuller, is laying off employees, will sell property in south Orange County, cut its "Hour of Power" broadcasts and cancel its "Glory of Easter" pageant this year to make up for an unprecedented 27 percent decline in revenue last year, officials said today.
The cathedral will shut down its 20-acre Rancho Capistrano retreat in San Juan Capistrano by March because the cathedral "can no longer subsidize it," Coleman announced. Fifty employees who worked at that retreat will lose their jobs as a result and have been given notice as of today, said Crystal Cathedral spokesman John Charles.
"The city of San Juan Capistrano has imposed a lot of limitations on us regarding what we can do with that land," Charles said. "That and the real estate market have posed a serious challenge in terms of selling the property. But we want to sell it. We're not going to give it away."
Nason said it is not clear when the church will recover from its steep losses.
"We don't know," he said. "We are hoping that it's sooner rather than later."
Prediction: Schullerville will never rise again

Flashback one year ago: Megachurch Model Obsolete For NWO, Schuller Leading Way 2-2-09 "TV-based megachurch...days...are over" - "Out with the old, in with the new....The multi-million dollar mega-church industry has become counter-productive to the globalist plan and must be shut down. It really is just that simple. To create the so-called purpose driven service networks for global management, these mega-church organizations will have to be dismantled and broken down into smaller 'units'...Looks like avowed globalist Schuller (here) will be the first to take the plunge and sacrifice his pseudo-christian 'positive-thinking' flock to this next phase of the global-religion agenda." [see post]

Transforming the 'religious landscape', as it is sometimes referred to, from old-world to new-world order will be a process. This process involves laying off, cutting, shutting down, canceling, selling, giving notice, etc., as seen here.

The important thing to understand about what is happening here is that, despite the ignorance of the majority of the people involved, this is a choreographed move. It is the phase-out. Megachurches do not fit into the purpose-driven 'multifaith' communitarian model of NWO world government.

In other words, in the big picture, the megas are done. They have to go. Very important to understand this also, for in the future you will see 'mega-destruction' spreading across the 'religious landscape' from coast to coast.
Megachurchers, the flocks must be scattered. You have been marked out for absorption by multifaith purpose-driven networks [here], designed to make you into compliant servants of earth's master race. Believe it or not. Rev. 18:4
The next phase: One World Religion Gets New Name: "Multifaith" 1-26-10
1Thessalonians 5:17 'Pray without ceasing'


Anonymous said...

i'm missing a piece of the puzzle and don't quite understand why megachurches don't fit into the multifaith NWO plan.

tom m. said...

Megas cannot be confined to specific communities. The NWO communitarian system demands localized 'faith groups' within each community if it is to function aright.

The entire structure of a 'one man' leadership over these large groups must be replaced by one of 'team-leaderships', so that all the little global citizens can be trained to go 'hands-on' within their own sustainable communities, which they will then be responsible to self-manage.

For this plan to work they must also be transformed into 'unifaith-ers', different beliefs happily working alongside one another. Megas are not efficient to accomplish this.

compare: manhattan deception

Anyway, that's the basic of how it is supposed to go. It will not happen overnight.

Anonymous said...

Thanks...i think i got it....uniformity across the globe...with one leader AKA the Antichrist.