Another One Bites The Dust: France To Censor Internet

France falls under Internet censorship

THE FRENCH PARLIAMENT has buckled under pressure and approved the Sarkozy government's authoritarian plans to censor the Internet.
The government opposed all objections to its plans to filter Internet sites, which have been controversial throughout French society. Today La Quadrature du Net, a French openness group, said that the action would give the government total control over its citizens' access to the Internet. It added that Nicholas Sarkozy was using excuses to clear a path for his rules, whch ultimately would come at the expense of liberty.
In a statement it said that the announcement had come out during a debate over the planned French security bill (LOPPSI), adding that during discussons the government "opposed all the amendments seeking to minimize the risks attached to filtering Internet sites."
Jérémie Zimmermann, a spokesperson for La Quadrature du Net, said that any censorship should have been trialled before being approved, explaining, "The refusal to enact Net filtering as an experimental measure is a proof of the ill-intended objective of the government.
This post is a follow up on: NWO Going After Youtubers - Italy to Require Government Authorization To Upload Video To Internet 1-17-10 [see post, recent related-links]

Too many NWO-opposing voices are heard on the internet. They must be silenced, as the 'beast' would not have himself challenged. Sarkozy is on his payroll: Sarkozy: 'One Voice For Europe And The World Needed' 10-12-08
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