California Global Government Gives Schools To Private Sector

Follow up on: 'Going For Broke'...California And World Government 1-17-09 "Global regional government at the local level will be a community-based system of management. This community based system will be essentially the same worldwide. The affairs of the state governments are to be shifted to the individual communities. This will be of necessity, they will say, because the states are 'bankrupt', and no longer able to provide the particular services. This is the one world government plan called Agenda 21." [see post]
LA school board OKs handing schools to nonprofits

The Los Angeles school board has approved a plan to turn over the operation of 30 campuses to nonprofit educational groups, but most of the groups are led by teachers and administrators already in place.
After a four-and-a-half hour meeting Tuesday that featured nearly 50 speakers, the board approved most of Superintendent Ramon Cortines' recommendations for 12 of the district's most problematic schools and 18 new ones for the 2010-11 academic year.
About 200 teachers and parents protested outside the board meeting.
The vote represented the first round of Cortines' plan to turn over about a third of the district's schools to nonprofit groups in an effort to boost student achievement.
re: turn over the operation

While at this time there are only thirty schools affected, this is a very significant development in the big picture of the transformation of the U.S. into the global communitarian system. As stated this is only the "first round". No doubt this is true, for this is only a few schools here, but this transfer of responsibility from the public sphere to the private represents the replacement of the nation-state model of government with the global system. This developing globally-connected system of public-private partnerships is the dictatorial model for all the world.
With this move, California is definitely taking it to the next level, charting the course into the so-called "three-legged stool" global management plan:
"The world management plan aka Agenda 21 likens the desired modern global society to a "three-legged stool". A three legged stool cannot stand, of course, without all three legs working together. This sales pitch is being used to merge these "three legs of the stool", governments, private sector i.e. industry/businesses, and charities i.e. non-profits aka 'non-governmental agencies' (NGO's)...including the 'religious communities' (churches, mosques, synagogues)...into a top-down interwoven global governing system. The entire system must be interconnected through various partnerships, so as to manage the entire planet much like a single corporation that is comprised of various departments. All departments have a department head who is accountable to the next level, and so on, all the way to the top." here

Here is the point: Despite the fact that in a large measure it is still not quite tangible, the one-world-government that has been spoken of for so long is now here, and is already functioning as such in many respects - right where you are today. That would be the 666 one world government, of course. Be very aware.
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John 8: 31-32 'If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free'

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