NWO Daily: TSA Now Coming After You With Q-Tips

TSA Terrorists takes explosives screening to fliers

Airport screeners for the first time will begin roving through airports taking chemical swabs from passengers and their bags to check for explosives, the Transportation Security Administration said Tuesday.
The program, already tested at five airports after the attempted Christmas Day bomb plot on a U.S.-bound airliner, begins nationwide in a few weeks, TSA spokeswoman Sterling Payne said. Screeners will push carts with bomb-detection machines around airport gates and checkpoint lines to randomly check passengers' hands and carry-on bags for explosive residue.
Using the sensors randomly on passengers as they wait to board airplanes or in security lines will "create increasing uncertainty for the adversaries, which is always positive," Jenkins said.
The fake undie bomber is the justification offered for this latest NWO psy-op absurdity. It is getting really bad out there....

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