Hawaiian Native House of Representative Candidate Questions Obama Citizenship

Follow up on: 'Unproven-President' Obama Says, For First Time, 'Don't Question My Citizenship' 2-4-10 [see post]
Oklahoma firecracker takes on Obama eligibility

NASHVILLE – Just as a tea-party convention crowd gathered to discuss strategy for the movement, one woman stepped forward to the microphone – holding up two Hawaiian long-form birth certificates and a copy of President Obama's purported short-form certification of live birth – and, referencing the short form, she told the crowd, "This piece of junk is what you get when you don't have one of these!"
The crowd went wild, clapping and cheering.
When the forum was over, tea partiers scrambled around a table to see and photograph her original documents.
The woman, Miki Booth, originally from Hawaii, is running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Oklahoma's second district as an independent constitutional conservative. She had presented original long-form birth certificates belonging to her son and husband, dated 1981 and 1949.
"If he is going to claim he was born in Kapi'olani like my husband and my son, then I want him to show proof," Booth said, explaining that a certification of live birth only shows that a live baby was born – and not necessarily in Hawaii.
"I would say those people have bought into the notion that it's a dead issue since it was 'proved' to them that Obama was born in Hawaii," Booth explained. "What proof were they convinced by
She continued, "I wonder if these same people think we shouldn't question his record of what passport he traveled to Pakistan with – or his Occidental records of foreign student funding and his Columbia records or his Harvard records or his Punahou records."? Bill O'Reilly saying so? Newscasters saying so? ACORN saying so? The Internet copy?"
Tea partiers/revolutionaries stirring the pot...and so on it goes...NWO history still to be made. stay tuned

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