U.S. Follows India, Announces New "Climate Service"; And Audi's "Green Police"

Follow up on: 'Climate Change' Not Dead, Merely Re-inventing Itself 2-5-10 "India forms new climate change body...The globalists have no intention of abandoning the 'green agenda', rather, they will now begin to form "unaccountable authorities" to force the totalitarian scheme at local levels....The 'green agenda' is simply the means to the end of gaining the power to micromanage the planet by restricting and controlling all people and all their activities, worldwide. Not only has the plan not been abandoned, it is advancing." [see post]
US government plans new climate service

WASHINGTON — US President Barack Obama's administration announced plans Monday for a new office handling climate change, aiming to help businesses chart future plans as the nation shifts to a greener economy.

The first practical effect was the creation of a website,
http://www.climate.gov/, which came online Monday and brings together government resources on climate change for business, scholars and the general public.

The Climate Service would bring together resources now spread throughout the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, an agency that falls under the Commerce Department. It will also have six regional offices across the country.

Locke said he expected that the Climate Service would be running before the start of the 2011 fiscal year. He said the administration would first consult with Congress, although he did not believe any new legislation was needed.
re: "as the nation shifts"

'Shifting the nation' into the dictatorial global government system is the only thing that is really happening here, and Congress, or the people who they are supposed to represent, will have no say about it. The administration will "consult" with Congress though, but as to any legislation to establish the new all-encompassing 'Climate Service'...that will not be necessary, say they.

Forcing the global agenda on the local levels through unaccountable authorities - here it comes. compare: Executive Order Appoints U.S. Shadow Government: "Council of Governors"1-12-10
As part of the overall agenda, in order to prepare the masses for their future green-enslavement, the Global Bureau of Propaganda will be continually upping the mass-psychological conditioning. Yesterday's super-bowl commercial from Audi, the gestapo "Green Police", is a perfect example. While presented as a spoof, it is strangely close to the reality of the planned future police state, roadblocks and all. Watch closely:

The Green Police are coming to your town. Don't believe it? go here: wrenching transformation

Rev. 18:4

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