France, Italy Net Censorship Updates; Italian Group Cries To Obama For Help

Update on: Italy, France To Censor Internet Jan. 2010 [see post]
France leapfrogs past Australia in Big Brother stakes
In the teeth of fierce opposition both inside and outside parliament, the National Assembly approved, by 312 votes to 214 against, a first reading of a bill on Internal Security - the quaintly titled "LOPPSI 2".
However, it is in the online area that some of the most radical proposals are to be found, with the criminalisation of online ID theft, provision for the police to tap online connections in the course of investigations, and most controversially of all, allowing the state to order ISPs to block (filter) specific internet URLs according to ministerial diktat.
It has also been suggested that the state should have the right to plant covert trojans to monitor individual PC usage.
Italy's Government Seeks Control Over Online Videos
The decree mandates vetting of video content to ensure it isn't considered pornographic or harmful to national security. Violators face fines of up to more than $200,000. It would create an administrative authority that will decide what can go online and what can't.
...the Internet has become a prime means of communication for Italians disaffected with Berlusconi. Last December, hundreds of thousands of protesters rallied against him in Rome. The demonstration was organized exclusively online.
The next online-organized rally is set to take place this weekend outside the U.S. embassy. The slogan: "President Obama, please help the Internet in Italy."
Controlling both sides of the issue? Obot double agents in the Italian 'save the internet' camp? How else would it ever be possible for Obama to be put forth as the 'internet-savior' of the world? This one bears watching...we'll have to see if this page of NWO script has BO riding in on a "white horse" to save the day...ala imitation-antichrist (wannabe) style, cf. Rev. 6:2.
It is really getting bad out there. fyi

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