Along With Schullerville, NWO Taking Down Benny Hinn Megachurch too?

This post is a follow up on: Multifaith In, Megachurches Out: NWO Absorbing Schuller's Crystal Cathedral 2-1-10 "Prediction: Schullerville will never rise again... Transforming the 'religious landscape', as it is sometimes referred to, from old-world to new-world order will be a process. This process involves laying off, cutting, shutting down, canceling, selling, giving notice, etc., as seen here. The important thing to understand about what is happening here is that, despite the ignorance of the majority of the people involved, this is a choreographed move. It is the phase-out. Megachurches do not fit into the purpose-driven 'multifaith' communitarian model of NWO world government...Very important to understand this...for in the future you will see 'mega-destruction' spreading across the 'religious landscape' from coast to coast. [see post,comments]
Benny Hinn 'Shocked' by Divorce Papers

After more than 30 years of marriage, faith healer Benny Hinn may be heading to divorce court.

Benny Hinn Ministries on Thursday confirmed that his wife, Suzanne Hinn, filed a petition for divorce in Orange County Superior Court on Feb. 1. She cited irreconcilable differences.
Though the couple separated on Jan. 26, according to court papers, the organization released a statement expressing shock.
"Pastor Benny Hinn and his immediate family were shocked and saddened to learn of this news without any previous notice," said Don Price, longtime senior advisor to Benny Hinn Ministries.
For years, Hinn has been a subject of scrutiny by the media and recently the government for the miraculous healings he claims to perform and the lavish lifestyle he leads. He travels to cities across the globe conducting "miracle crusades" and services. Reports from each event indicate that dozens are miraculously healed from a physical ailment, though Hinn admitted to ABC News recently that he doesn't have medical verification of the healings.
He also told ABC he has no misgivings about the comfortable lifestyle – a private jet, fancy hotel stays, and a multimillion-dollar home – he leads.

Hinn is currently under a Senate investigation for possible financial misconduct.

re: "mega destruction spreading"

According to this article, Benny Hinn has recently admitted that he has no verification for his "miracle healings", it is reported that he is "currently under a senate investigation* for possible financial misconduct", and now we are told that, out of the blue, Hinn's wife has filed papers to end their 30 year marriage.

Does this past the 'smell test'...as far as all this coming together at the same time in sort of a 'perfect storm' scenario? Answer: No, it reeks of choreography. It smells exactly like NWO order out of chaos. Just as the Schuller empire is currently being dismantled [follow up quote above], it appears that the NWO is also finished with insider Benny Hinn's "False Gospel and Miracle Crusade" shenanigans.

What goes up must come down. The time has come to move on and piece together the global unifaith, and a nice little scripted drama like the one shaping up here is just the thing needed for a convincing 'exit stage-right' for the pseudo-faith healer's megachurch. Benny gets a gold watch for faithful service in deceiving the masses through the office of false prophet and will be reassigned to a new postition in the Antichrist's soon-to-be 'multifaith global conglomerate'.**
It will not happen overnight, but the die is cast. Watch and see.
**Flashback, Davos '08: A glimpse at what the coming global religion board of directors might look like: here
*The Senate 'investigation' has been ongoing for some time, presumably awaiting it's 'stage cue'. Compare: Building Interreligion" 3-15-08:
"Grassley, the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee...is taking on the matter of church-state boundaries with his probe of six well-known televangelists who preach that God wants his followers to be rich both spiritually and materially." [follow links, connect dots]
"...come out of her my people.." Rev. 18:4

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GOOD. Let him lose millions of dollars. He's a wolf in sheepskin clothing.