Swine Flu? What Swine Flu? NWO Continuing The 'Global Networking' Illusion Though

'Pandemic' not over?
Americans advised to get H1N1 vaccine

Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) -- Federal health officials urged Friday that more Americans get vaccinated against the H1N1 flu virus, sometimes referred to as swine flu, which continues to kill.
"The pandemic is not over, but to date, more than 14,000 laboratory-confirmed deaths have been reported," Dr. Keiji Fukuda reported last month at a Council of Europe hearing.
"Deaths from the pandemic have been confirmed one by one through laboratory tests and unquestionably are much lower than the true number," said Fukuda, who is the World Health Organization's special adviser on pandemic influenza to the director-general.
He rejected accusations that WHO policies were influenced by the pharmaceutical industry. "The labeling of the pandemic as 'fake' is to ignore recent history and science and to trivialize the deaths of over 14,000 people and the many additional serious illnesses experienced by others," he said.
re: "laboratory confirmed" - not "fake"
Whose laboratory, exactly, was it that "confirmed" these so-called swine-flu deaths? Would the owners of these 'laboratories' be the same people who have made the WHO 'Pandemic Declaration' into a worldwide opportunity to issue "emergency orders", rewriting laws on virtually every continent, awarding themselves the capacity to appropriate dictatorial powers - if, of course, they themselves deem it necessary?
As that is exactly what has been done, and done absolutely on a global scale, and despite the worthless official defense that the pandemic was not "fake", in the final analysis, there simply can be no other conclusion. The entire thing was nothing more than a grand illusion, an exercise in global networking, necessary for establishing global control mechanisms.
While the fake flu has faded, seemingly as quickly as it appeared - out of nowhere we might be reminded, the new draconian laws remain...awaiting a future day presumably. In this regard, 'Swine '09' has been a resounding success.
And, oh...yes, Big Brother would still like to inject a few more of you with his toxic-soup mystery concoction. Won't you step right up?
compare; only one month ago: More H1N1 Power Grabbing: Maryland Governor Issues Swine 'Emergency Order' 12-9-09 "Even while many of the Bureau of Propaganda's recent reports coming in seem to be news of waning numbers for the fake swine flu, the constitution-scrubbing power-grabbing preparations continue unabated. That way, everything will be ready to go when the time comes for the long planned final takedown of the country."
(where it all started) Global Government Taking Giant Step Because Of Possible Scamdem...um...'Pandemic' 4-26-09
Revelation 13:1 'And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea...'

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