NWO Spokesman Gordon Brown Calls For 666 Financial "World Constitution"

LONDON, Feb 19 (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Gordon Brown called on Friday for a world constitution to regulate the financial system and said he hoped for agreement on a range of regulation issues at G8 and G20 meetings in coming months. Speaking at an international conference on progressive politics, Brown also said now was not the time to put a fragile economic recovery at risk by withdrawing fiscal support, but to make 2010 a year of growth.
Brown said a global solution was required to transform financial services, which he defined as follows:
"Common rules for capital and liquidity, common standards for supervision, common rules for bonuses and a shared way of assessing the contribution banks should make to society, free of the unfair and disproportionate use of regulatory and tax havens which penalise countries doing the right things."
re: world constitution
Very recently the NWO's Gordon Brown called for a global 'climate change' body, and before anybody knew what hit them, it was done: Unaccountable Global 'Climate-Change Body' Taking Shape 2-13-10 "Gordon Brown called for a global body less than a month ago and just like that one has been brought into existence. It is a self appointed body, made up of international high level government and private figures.."
Now Brown is calling for a "world constitution" to regualte the global financial system, to be crafted at upcoming G8 and G20 meetings. Any reason to think that seeing one begin to then "take shape" is not exactly what will happen?
From the last G20: 9-25-09 World Economic Summit #3 Wrap Up: G20 'Leaders' Anoint Selves As Global Masters " summed up quite succinctly by the U.K.'s Gordon Brown when he states matter of factly that "Leaders...have agreed to a global plan."
The fake global financial collapse was written into the NWO script long ago for this very purpose - to create the 'fix' - the fix being the Cabalist's ancient "global plan" for 666 economic control of the entire world. It is materializing before our eyes.
Be acutely aware because, plain and simple, they fully intend to make slaves of all mankind, and they have now put the pedal to the metal. By the way, speaking now to non-believers, all this is precisely as foretold in the New Testament. The bible is true. Rev. 18:4
see also: NWO Notifying US: We Are Done W/You And Your Dollar 10-6-09 [follow links, connect dots]
"...no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark" Rev. 3:17

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