Wikileaks 'Chaos' - Cui Bono? Answer: NWO Agenda

A handful of articles revealing NWO propaganda on a massive scale
Censors block WikiLeaks website; Interpol issues arrest order; Canada demands Assange be killed
Government agency warns employees that looking at Wikileaks could be a criminal offense
Progressive Review – At least one government agency- The Social Security Administration – is warning employees that even browsing Wikileaks could be a criminal offense.
Amazon Pulls Plug on WikiLeaks
Amazon.com has severed ties with controversial website WikiLeaks, the organization that just released a trove of sensitive U.S. State Department documents... On Wednesday, the main website and the "cablegate" sub-site devoted to the diplomatic documents were unavailable from the U.S. and Europe. Joe Lieberman, chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee..."I call on any other company or organization that is hosting WikiLeaks to immediately terminate its relationship with them," Lieberman added.
WikiLeak cables highlight Pakistani nuclear terror threat
The leaked US cables on the Pakistani nuclear arsenal reveal a serious and growing threat of nuclear terrorism that has been deliberately played down by western governments, counter-proliferation experts said yesterday
WikiLeaks builds case against Iran CNN
Those who suggest that it's some "Israel lobby" or Jewish cabal* that is driving the confrontation with Iran. WikiLeaks confirms that the region's Arab governments express even more anxiety than Israel about the Iranian nuclear weapons program.
re: "Wikileaks confirms"

Cui bono...i.e. who benefits from all this 'top secret' information getting out onto the world-wide-web?

With just a brief glance at the headlines the whole 'chaotic' debacle becomes so transparent it is absurd. Huge parts of the NWO agenda are being advanced because of this so-called 'attack against the world' [Hillary Clinton]. For example:

(1) Internet censorship. A big winner.

(2) The NWO 'non-integrating nations' like Pakistan and Iran for instance really are as dangerous as we have been told. Wikileaks has now made this clear for all to see. Certainly we should come to the conclusion that the NWO's global conquest through 'regime change' is therefore justified.
see: 'Non-Integrating' Pakistan Ongoing 'Chaos' 8-27-10; and here
also: Kissinger: Iran greatest threat 5-14-08; and here [follow links, connect dots]

(3) And very importantly, a constantly recurring theme of hundreds of articles written in the last few days on this Wikileak story - as exampled by the above CNN article on Iran also - it really is not the *Zionist cabal-ists at all that are behind these things. We can be sure of this now because it has been 'confirmed' by Wikileaks.

Cui bono? The reality check here is that this 'Wikileaks' scam represents a dangerous escalation in the kabalist-globalist agenda. It is beyond obvious. Be absolutely aware. Rev. 18:4
update: 12-7-10
James 5:8 '...establish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh'