Wikileaks Take 2: 'Cyber-War' Strategy To Justify Internet Takeover Rolled Out

The websites of the international credit card MasterCard and the Swedish prosecution authority are among the latest to be taken offline in the escalating technological battle over WikiLeaks, web censorship and perceived political pressure.
Co-ordinated attacks by online activists who support the site and its founder Julian Assange – who is in UK custody accused of raping two Swedish women – have seen the websites of the alleged victims' Swedish lawyer disabled, while commercial and political targets have also been subject to attack by a loose coalition of global hackers.
Operation Payback, which has been targeting commercial sites that have cut their ties with WikiLeaks for some days, has also made threats to other organisations including Twitter, which it says is suppressing the site.
"We will fire at anything or anyone that tries to censor WikiLeaks, including multibillion-dollar companies such as PayPal," a statement circulating online, apparently from Operation Payback, said
Other cyber attacks were mounted yesterday on EveryDNS.net, which suspended dealings on 3 December, while Amazon, which removed WikiLeaks content from its EC2 cloud on 1 December, may also be a possible target..
re: 'escalating technological battle'
Once again, the masterminds at the NWO Bureau of Propaganda have devised a thorough plan of action to accomplish their goal. Less than a year ago the infamous undie-bomber made an appearance on the global stage and in that short span of time from then until now the 'incident' has served to permanently change the world. Naked scans, sexual molestation, and TSA 72-hour pre-clearance have suddenly become mandatory requirements for boarding a plane.
Now it is the scripted 'Wikileaks' scam/chaos designed as a means to the end to justify a Big Brother takeover of the internet, here entering into it's next phase, we are to believe - a 'cyber-warfare' free-for-all.
In the same way that Brave New World airport 'security' was implemented worldwide virtually overnight in response to the so-called GWOT [global war on terror], it is obvious that this latest BoP production of 'cyber-terrorism' is also headed for a pre-planned solution. That would have something to do with an internet 'crackdown' and complete takeover no doubt.

Naked 'cyber-scans' and or cyber-gropes and pre-clearance to get online? It's happening at the airport and for the most part it was done in less than a year. This is headed down the same path. Take note.
compare: "CYBERCOM" 10-9-10 "U.S. Cyber Command is scheduled to be activated this month, in the words of a Reuters dispatch “ready to go to war in cyberspace” with full operational capability.
Proverbs 4:18 'But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day' [cf. Gal 2:16]