S.510 Comes Back To Senate Through 'Backdoor'

Update on: Senate Rubberstamps S.510; Food Dictatorship Birthed 11-30-10 "...wherever the money is changing hands - at every point along the line, they will have their hands in it...taking a cut no doubt. All eventually tied into a single databank for total control of the food industry...This is what will be set in motion regardless of the exact details of the final bill after being reconciled with the house version. The takeover is on."
S 510 Food Safety bill is still alive and may unleash a new army of FDA agents

NaturalNews) The U.S. government wants to know where your greenhouse is. Under Senate Bill 510 -- which is now back in the hands of the U.S. Senate after the House hid an amendment in an appropriations bill and passed it last night -- American food producers would be required to register their facilities with the U.S. government. The feds, it seems, want a database of food growers...

So essentially what we have here is a food tyranny bill that would hand a group of un-elected bureaucrats who answer to no one the power to control virtually the entire U.S. food supply.
[recommend reading full article at link; portions of the bill itself can be seen]
re: 'database..answer to no one'

After the Senate signed off on S.510 and sent it back to the House for reconciliation a week and a half ago, the rumors began immediately that there were some issues with it that were 'unconstitutional' and that the bill was 'dead in the water'. It looks now as if this was just another NWO tactic to deflect the tremendous backlash that this draconian bill was attracting.

Whatever is going on, the 'food dictatorship' bill trying to disguise itself as a 'food safety' bill has now made it's way back to the Senate - this time piggybacking as an amendment to an appropriations bill that was passed in the House last night.

In other words, the move to give absolute control of the food industry to a group of unelected-unaccountables was just brought through the back door.
From ''terrorists' to police state, from financial collapsing to global economy, from 'wikileaks' to internet takeover, from 'food safety' to 'food dictatorship' - the Antichrist global government - you are watching how it is being done. Rev. 18:4
In utter defiance of the LORD God Almighty are the men who would construct a global empire for themselves to rule over as demigods upon earth. God in His Word has something to say about that though: Isaiah 13:19 [hover]