Eddie 'Laodicean' Long Update: Mediation and Homosexualizing Christendom

Follow up on: Eddie Long Speaks, Does Not Deny Allegations Of Homosexuality, Preaches 'Understanding' 9-26-10 "It is straight from the NWO's "Sodomization of Christendom" script...Long says that he will fight the "allegations that he coerced young male church members..." Not having denied the actual deeds...Long then goes on to preach two sermons on "understanding painful situations" [see post]
Eddie Long Agrees to Mediation Morris W. O'Kelly/Huffingtonpost

With little fanfare or news coverage, the four sexual coercion lawsuits confronting Bishop Eddie Long had the first hearing recently, with both sides opting for mediation to avoid a trial.

Granted, if the future mediation in February does not solve the dispute, there is a tentative trial date set for July 11, 2011. This could still end up being resolved in a courtroom.

Mediation of sexual allegation grievances is tantamount to an admission of "some" guilt, "some" form of ministerial misconduct. Innocent folk don't make deals if the claims against them are baseless and untrue. Mediation for the accused is a forfeiture of the right to ever claim innocence, and readers should be absolutely clear on this point.

Either he is innocent or guilty, (the truth) including, yet not limited to the specific accusations. He's never acted as such (innocent) and should be held accountable. He is completely innocent or he is guilty of all sorts of crimes in the court of public opinion, above and beyond sexual coercion. This question remains, irrespective of whether the allegations eventually make their way into a courtroom.
re: "question remains"

Intelligent design?
The Eddie Long 'homosexual scandal' reeks of it. No outright denials to date, only a denial of 'coercion' or 'misconduct' [here]. Agrees to private mediation behind closed doors, although as pointed out by author of the above article, any possibility of pleading innocence is forever forfeited. Nevertheless, Long is essentially off-the-hook if the February mediation is successful and the 'accusers' are sworn to silence. Long remains in pulpit (and on TBN) as an accused homosexual. The "questions remain". Members of his church are then forced to turn a blind eye and continue as if everything is just fine. Go Eddie.

The intelligent-design behind the scam is here evident. With the questions remaining, and everyone and their mother chiming in with their personal viewpoints and opinions, the 'Hegelian dialectic' can work it's dark magic to break down biblical truth and replace it with 'homosexual tolerance'. Love, forgiveness, understanding, we don't really know anyway, maybe it's okay, who are you to judge, we should agree to disagree, etc..

This dialectic exercise will in no way be confined to Long's Georgia megachurch alone. The 'question' has already infected the entire 'Christian' so-called world, and the 'tolerators' are actively promoting the scandal with their own positive spin. Case in point is Long's recent 'cover-boy' appearance on the November/December issue of 'Gospel Today' where they gave the Long 'question' a quote "biblical perspective":

“Gospel Today did not explore the legalities or the issues; we presented a biblical perspective-something no other outlet gave,” she wrote. “For those who don’t want to ‘deal’ with or look at this situation, I encourage you to read this story so that you can have a BIBLICAL perspective to help you ‘answer’ the mainstream perspective.”

Obviously their "BIBLICAL perspective" provided them with enough 'sound judgment' to promote the mediating unable to ever plead innocent accused-homosexual on the cover of their magazine.

"Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God." 1 Cor. 6:9-10; (see note on "abusers of themselves with mankind": here

The 'homosexual-agendizers' are internationally connected and the movement is aggressively coordinated. They are in the highest levels of government. They have unlimited funds. They are forcing the doors in every sphere of society, including now even the military. Close observation will show that another radical faction, 'pedophile-agendizers', are beginning to come through those same doors. All of this is where the 'Eddie Long con' comes into the picture - as part of the 'intelligent design' of the sodomization of Christendom.

Do you call yourself a Christian? What will you do? Wilt thou also bow thy knee to Baal? Or cling to God's truth, honor, and holiness? Rev. 18:4
see also: Laodicean Eddie Long Ignores Homosexual Charges, Preaches Again; Promotes Self On Billboard 10-3-10 [the infamous billboard-photo with the "Love Like Him, Live Like Him, Lead Like Him" motto should not be forgotten. It was/is clearly a strategic part of the the homosexualization of Christendom script/'Eddie Long con' [see post]
'But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the LORD exceedingly' (Genesis 13:13)

update: 2-3-12 Eddie Long Jewish 'king' ritual

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