See Something Say Something? OK - 'School Board Shooter' A Scam

Video: Stepped-up security coming as a result of the 'school board shooter/miss-er':

Another NWO Bureau of Propaganda mind-control-patsy psy-op? Very briefly, a few things to consider: The first reports were that the shooter was firing blanks. But then how did he shoot himself? That story was afterwards changed. It's another case where the 'shooter' had a criminal background and was on psych-drugs, meaning he would have had to be under 'psychiatric care'. Having been filmed and played endlessly, of course the call for stepped up 'security' has been immediate, including the suggestion of starting patdowns and bringing in metal detectors [per video]. Exactly what they want - the roll-out of police state measures into society at large. Go figure.

On a related note, while riding a bus in Honolulu today, the new DHS "see something say something' message was played over the speaker system with what could be described as a monotone type of voice. Nobody even seemed to notice it. Mind-control for the masses - it's on. Be aware because everything has now changed.
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'Wherefore doth the wicked contemn God? he hath said in his heart, Thou wilt not require it' Psalms 10:13,14