Swedish 'Terror' Incident: "May Mean Restrictions For Us All" [Swedes]

Update on: NWO Brings Sweden Into 'GWOT' w/1st Ever "Suicide Bomber" 12-12-10 "right on cue - an incident...the 'global-security-monster' is guaranteed to get a jumpstart way up north in the land of the Swedes" [see post]
Bomb Blasts Pave Way for Surveillance as Swedes React to Terror
Sweden’s brush with terror after a suicide bomber on Dec. 11 detonated himself before executing a planned strike in central Stockholm has eroded lawmaker resistance to pushing through tougher surveillance laws.
“Routines will be sharpened and that’s something we will all have to accept,” said Bo Huldt, a professor in security policy at the Stockholm-based National Defense College, in a Dec. 13 interview. “It may mean restrictions for us all regarding where we can move around, how many people can attend meetings or gatherings and more police presence at meetings.”
Johansson, a former Social Democrat health minister, said laws may be changed to allow preventive action. The police need the tools to uncover “potential perpetrators,” he told broadcaster SVT.
That only took a few days. It's not even subtle anymore.
Ezekiel 8:12 '...for they say, The LORD seeth us not; the LORD hath forsaken the earth' [cf. Psalms 33:18 hover]

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