New House Rep. Michele Bachmann Parroting NWO "Insurrection" Theme

Follow up on: Tea Partier Sarah Palin Singing NWO 'Revolution Song' Now Too 2-7-10 "With Palin taking the "Tea Party" national spotlight and using it for the sole purpose of parroting the call for "revolution", she has indelibly marked herself with the same 'agent provocateur' label as have the likes of Glenn Beck and Ron Paul - all singing in perfect Team-Zionist harmony." [see post]
Bachmann: ‘There Needs To Be an Insurrection’ Against GOP Leaders If They Don’t Hold Straight Vote to Repeal Obamacare

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R.-Minn.), founder and chairman of the House Tea Party Caucus, told CNSNews.com that there will need to be an “insurrection” against the House Republican leadership if it does not hold an independent, straight up-or-down vote on repealing the entire Obamacare law that does not tie this repeal to other policy initiatives including any effort to “replace” elements of Obamacare with new federal health-care reforms.
CNSNews.com then asked Bachmann if she was confident that the Republican House leadership would hold a straight, up-or-down vote on the repeal of Obamacare when Republicans take majority control of the House in the next Congress.
“If they don’t,” said Bachmann, “I think there needs to be an insurrection here in Washington, D.C against our own leadership--because that is the message that’s come loud and clear out of this election: a full scale repudiation and rejection of the federal government takeover of private industry.
“Whether it’s private industry in health care, whether it’s the takeover of GM and Chrysler, the takeover of the student loan industry, or of the secondary housing mortgage market, or of banks, this is completely antithetical to American history to have the federal government takeover and run and control and direct and own private businesses,” said Bachmann. “Our economy cannot turn around if we turn away from the model of free enterprise.”
House Speaker-to-be John Boeher’s office provided a more ambiguous answer.
CNSNews.com asked via email: “Is John Boehner committed to having the House of Representatives hold a straight up-or-down vote on the complete repeal of Obamacare that does not tie that repeal to any other policy or initiative or seek to ‘replace’ Obamacare with some other type of health-care reform?”
Boehner Spokesman Steel did not respond to this query.
re: 'obamacare' vs. 'insurrection'

Clearly the NWO has no intention of ever repealing 'obamacare', or of giving up any ground gained to "run and control and direct and own" everything on the planet for that matter. But as for "insurrection", the very thing currently happening throughout Europe [here 9-29-10], that is another matter altogether, and it fits their plan perfectly:

"Designed as a means to the end of destabilizing the U.S. so as to merge it into the global regional-government system, i.e. the North American union (NAU), the so-called revolution appears to be inevitable at this point. Be aware, this does not appear to empty rhetoric. There is a plan, and the NWO evangelists have been sent to cry it out in the wilderness..."prepare ye the way of the revolution"." [quoted from 'follow up' post linked at top]

No way around it, Bachmann is reading from the same script as Beck, Paul, and Palin. All speaking of 'rebellion'. In addition, the ecumenical "Manhattan Declaration" crafted last year is echoing the 'civil unrest' theme across the religious landscape: Apostate Christendom Unites In D.C. To Fast, Sign Manhattan Declaration 9-24-10

'Rebellion' will not stop the NWO. It is a set-up. Be aware. Rev. 18:4
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Only the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ can stop the 'NWO', and will do so at his return:
"I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more..." see: Bible prophecy on Daniel 2