S.510 Pushed Forward For Passage: 75-25 'Yes' For Cloture

Update on: Big Brother Moving To Control Food: S.510 Coming Out Of Closet In Lame Duck Session 11-15-10 "Submitting this country to "all international agreements", and establishing a tracking system for "everything" that includes "control over processes and harvest" as well as "auditing, verifying, and certifying", is nothing less than an absolute takeover of the entire food industry..." [see post]
BREAKING: Senate votes cloture on S 510 – must now be voted on in 60 days
By a vote of 75 to 25, at noon today, the U.S. Senate voted for cloture on S 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act, which means it must now be voted on in the full Senate within 60 days. All amendments to the controversial food control bill must be completed by that time.
The House version, H.R. 2749, was passed in July 2009. Today's margin of victory in the Senate is a clear indication that there is virtually no chance of stopping this thing now. Only thing left to do now is hammer out a few details, meld the House and Senate versions into a single entity, send it off for rubber stamping, and then add 'food' to the rapidly expanding list of industry takeovers. Shown below are only the most recent:

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Be aware. Rev. 18:4

update: 9-29-10

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