NWO Brutalizing Nations: Ireland Gets 'Axed'

DUBLIN — Ireland unveiled the harshest budget measures in its history Wednesday, a four-year plan...
The austerity plan axes thousands of state jobs, trims welfare benefits and pensions, and imposes new taxes on property and water...
Even Prime Minister Brian Cowen conceded the plan would hurt the living standard of everyone in the nation...
Business leaders welcomed the package as brutal but unavoidable given that Ireland is all but frozen out of normal lending markets and its banks are running out of cash...
"This is a road map back to the Stone Age," said Jack O'Connor, president of Ireland's largest union, SIPTU.
This post is a follow up on: Europe-Wide Protest Against "Austerity Plans" Underway; And the NWO 9-29-10 " The nations of Europe have been financially crippled we are to believe, and so 'to survive' the governments must now cut spending in every way possible. This involves a paring down to just the basic functions. This is called "austerity"...What it really is is a purposeful turning of everything upside down...It is global communitarianism, i.e. the management model that will be used for the one world government, wherein sovereign nations will no longer exist. [see post]
re: cutting services, jacking taxes...back to the "Stone Age"
Crushing the existing world order. It's on. Anybody that is keeping an eye on the headlines knows that the same thing that is happening in Ireland is happening throughout all of Europe, the different nations all being in slightly varying stages. That is, varying stages of being purposely collapsed so as to be devoured by the 'beast' and regurgitated into a totalitarian global system, i.e. the 666-kingdom. Ireland is on the chopping block now. Greece, Spain, Portugal, and the others are right behind. The program is not limited to Europe of course, America is also being dismantled and the people enslaved, the methodology being the same as that used in Europe...i.e. primarily the fake financial crisis and fake terrorism - both used to change every aspect of society.
The worshipful servants of the 'beast', those obedient hand-picked 'politicians' in every nation of the world who are faithfully facilitating the destruction of the existing world order have no qualms about inflicting such turmoil on the 'lesser classes'. As mentioned in the above article, harshness, axing, hurting, brutality...these are the tools of their trade.
A "road map back to the Stone Age" may seem to be just an offhand comment to illustrate a point, but the 'harsh' reality is that that is just about exactly what the self-proclaimed elite of the earth have in mind for the masses of lowly humans which they so despise. And they are hard at it! see: The Global Script 8-18-08

Rev. 18:4
Micah 3:10 'They build up Zion with blood'