Screening 'Chaos' Bringing Resuscitation Of Bio-identifier Programs Nationwide

Follow up on: Video: Stuttering TSA Head Blames 'Bra Bombers' For Patdowns 11-22-10 "Two steps forward, one step back? Chips and/or bio-identifiers anybody?" [see post]
Iris Scan, Fingerprints Substituted For TSA Screening

An opt-in program that charges airline passengers to bypass airport security lines is being resuscitated more than two years after its abrupt shutdown. The
CLEAR program re-launched in Orlando last week, and is preparing to start up in Denver.
After submitting fingerprints and iris scans, members are issued a CLEARcard with these biometric data. Kiosks at participating airports then allow them to confirm their identity and “speed through security.”
Verified Identity Pass shut down the previous program suddenly in June 2009, leaving approximately 165,000 members without refunds. The new owners—Alclear, LLC—purchased CLEAR’s assets in bankruptcy reorganization, and are offering reinstatement to those who were left stranded. Under the current terms, membership will be renewed upon first use or when CLEAR begins operating in the member’s home market, whichever occurs first.
A similar program, dubbed iQueue, currently operates in Indianapolis and “expects” to launch in additional cities this year. Annual enrollment is $119, and former CLEAR members are credited up to 12 months.
The program was "suddenly" shut down in June 2009, seemingly just in time for naked-scanner-madness to be introduced across the globe. Now that that is accomplished and patdown/scanner chaos is running rampant, the million dollar question is will people now be ready to give up their bio-info to the NWO in exchange for passage onto a plane..or courthouse..or stadium? Evil schemers they are. fyi