Brainwashed By The NWO: L.A. County Bans 'Plastic Bag Monster'

Bans, bans, and more bans. Bags on their heads, foaming at the mouth...green-believers gone wild:

"...you are being subjected to a powerful strategy designed to cause you to submit to what may rightly be called the global transformation project. It is designed, through the "saving the earth" pitch, to induce unquestioning compliance to a totalitarian authority over every person and every aspect of life on this planet (see 'wrenching-transformation' below* )". Quoted from: Taking 'Warming Propaganda' To New Level 9-4-08

The would-be slave masters of the NWO have another term they use for the 'little people" that are so ignorantly helpful to them as they strive to pull off their demonically deluded plan to enslave mankind. These they refer to as "useful idiots". (see above video)

Banning plastic bags is just the start. This video is vivid proof that they are going all the way with the whole thing. And there is no shortage of 'useful' helpers.

It is time to look for the door sane ones. John 10:7

*Al Gore said to expect a wrenching-transformation (follow links, connect dots)
2Timothy 3:13 'But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived'

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