One World Religion Forming: "Common Future" Muslim-Christian Statement Calls For Global Education, Partnership

Follow up on: "One Humanity" Deception: Christian-Muslim "High Level Interfaith Dialogue" Underway 11-3-10 "A global-religion statement will be issued tomorrow 11-4-10. How will the biblical 'endtimes' one-world religion come about? You are seeing it. [see post]
The "high level" four-day [Nov. 1-4, 2010] conference titled “Transforming Communities: Christians and Muslims Building a Common Future” is over and the Christian-Muslim final statement [pdf file] has been issued. The declaration reveals a broad* and comprehensive agenda:
- We call for the formation of a joint working group which can be mobilized whenever a crisis threatens to arise in which Christians and Muslims find themselves in conflict.

- We recommend that the organizers of this consultation consider establishing a joint project to:
a) encourage the sharing of experiences of living together constructively in plural societies and urban settings;
b) collect and disseminate best practices in activities and projects that build a culture of dialogue and interreligious cooperation;
c) focus on the social and economic problems affecting more than one billion people living in poverty, which are among the most acute causes of racial, ethnic and religious conflicts;
d) focus on environmental issues and climate change and the challenges they represent to human security.

- We affirm the importance of relevant and balanced education about the religion of ‘the other’ at all levels and in appropriate formats, in curricula and text books and the training of religious and community leaders, teachers, lecturers and researchers, ideally provided by an adherent of that religion.

- We encourage the production of an interfaith resource book and of joint teaching tools on Islam and Christianity for the use of religious teachers, imams and clergy, and their translation and dissemination worldwide.

- We call on those who fund and manage universities and colleges of religious training to support the establishment of teaching and research programmes in the major religions with a view to encouraging positive interreligious relations.

- We call on the media to assume their responsibility to provide balanced coverage of the issues which concern us.
re: we call...we recommend...we affirm...we encourage
Joint working groups, joint projects, focus on environmental issues, education about each other's religion "at all levels" including text books, training of religious and community leaders, an interfaith book and teaching tools disseminated worldwide, colleges and universities to promote and the media to sell it...

The one-world government agenda in this statement is obvious, from the transforming-communities title, to the 'climate-change' focus, to the 'poverty' focus, to the extensive global interfaith indoctrination goals. They parallel exactly the Tony Blair/Rick Warren
[here and here] plans to merge the world's religions into a manageable framework for global government purposes. But not until now has the Muslim connection ever been established at this level. It is a very significant development.

The god of this world [2Cor. 4:3-4] is putting his one world religion program into overdrive. The program definitely involves a "common future" for all. That future is the one where all the world has bowed in worshipful submission to his will. It is his dream, you could say [here].
The push from here on out will be great, and it will be coming from absolutely every conceivable angle. Get on the narrow path and stay on it you who name the name of Christ, the broad one leads only to destruction. *Matt. 7:13-14
"Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist..."
1John 2:22

(... as do Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and every other religion known to man)

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