NWO 'Civil Unrest' Plan On In UK; 50,000 Riot

Follow up on: Europe-Wide Protest Against "Austerity Plans" Underway; And the NWO 9-29-10 "Here is the further outworking of the master plan of the completely staged so-called global financial crisis, i.e. 'chaos', that started a little more than two years ago...Society is disrupted and destabilized, and the environment created where the pre-planned 'solution' can then be implemented...[and]...the NWO strategists have exactly the same strategy planned for this country [here]" [see post]
50, 000 taking it to the street in the UK

Instigated civil unrest to destroy the status quo. It's on in the UK, and it will not stop there. If the new order is to rise, the old order must fall. It is just that simple. In fact, from here on out, it's on globally. Taking over the earth is brutal business.
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follow links, connect dots, don't get sucked into the we-can-change-it deception. It is a trap. Rev. 18:4

see also: Austerity Protests Cause 'Chaos' Across Europe, As Planned 9-30-10
John 18:36 'Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight...'

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