'Cargo Chaos' Result: NWO Taking Over $100 Billion Global Air Freight Industry

Update on: After 'Package-Bomb Chaos' TSA Wants "Data" - Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers 11-3-10 "TSA has announced their intention to "overhaul" the entire system - create a 'new order' out of the 'chaos' that is...This system would eventually allow control of all commerce on earth. Can you say 666? [see post]
Homeland Security tightens rules for air cargo
Printer cartridges over 16 oz. banned from checked baggage or carry-ons
The new rules also affect items deemed high-risk that are shipped on cargo planes. Napolitano said such cargo will go through additional screening before it is loaded. A spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) declined to define "high-risk" cargo, other than to say it isn't limited to that shipped from countries that have been linked to terrorist activity.
Napolitano said Monday her agency is working with the airline industry on a plan for handing over cargo manifests more quickly so authorities could scrutinize a plane's contents more closely.
The Obama administration is working with major corporations in the $100 billion global air freight industry to shore up security. Napolitano called four of the country's biggest shipping companies last week to discuss improvements.
"But this call for 100 percent screening, I wonder if it can even get done."
He said a more likely scenario involves souped-up data mining of potential high-risk packages.
re: '$100 billion global air freight industry'

There it is. The key to the whole thing - the $100 billion global air freight industry. Now to be taken over and controlled by the NWO-ers. A simple 'printer-bomb' story was all that was needed to force open the door. Less than two weeks after the supposed incident and as reported in this article Homeland Security is already "working with" the airline industry to provide shipping information, and the Obama administration is already "working with" the major [shipping] corporations to do the same.

"Working with" is another way of saying 'taking control'. Dictating now and eventually regulating the entire global air freight industry is what this is about.

They do not care about 'screening' cargo, that is a ruse. They want the data. Who is shipping what to whom. Having that information is critical to controlling the commerce of the earth. That is the intent. Other countries will certainly participate.

The period of time the biblical book of The Revelation speaks of, i.e one-world government/religion and the judgment therof, is fast approaching. Undeniably, a modern-day counterpart to the Tower of Babel built by the ancients is rising on the global horizon. As the original attempt was a glorious failure, so too will this one be. Built upon a foundation of utter falsehood, it will never stand.
Watch and pray Christian, and come out of 'her', and "shout against her round about", that is what the Word of God commands. Rev. 18:4
Jeremiah 50:15 'Shout against her round about: she hath given her hand: her foundations are fallen, her walls are thrown down: for it is the vengeance of the LORD: take vengeance upon her; as she hath done, do unto her.'

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