Predictable: After 'Package-Bomb Chaos' TSA Wants "Data" - Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers

Follow up on: 11-1-10 TSA 72 Hour Rule Takes Effect; Dictatorship USA Begins "Nine years ago TSA was "created in response" to the ultimate chaos [911] and has steadily morphed into an arm of the police state USA, as is undeniable with this new law. Guess what...the' morphing' is not even close to being over as demonstrated by the most recent excuse to morph some more - global "parcel-bomb chaos". [see post]
TSA to overhaul screening methods after bomb attack

Washington….Scrambling to plug holes in cargo security revealed by the mail bomb plot in Yemen, the Transportation Security Administration announced Tuesday it was planning an overhaul of its passenger and cargo screening methods.
The Yemen plot highlighted the capabilities of a "determined and creative enemy" Pistole said at a meeting of the global air industry in Frankfurt. He said he would "reshape our security approach," to improve the agency's focus on intelligence and new technology.
For air cargo security, DHS officials are exploring beefing up data mining methods similar to those used to identify dangerous people on flights for selecting dangerous cargo for screening.
There are some cargo companies that don't have the data of every parcel that has been consolidated into its pallet containers. However the big shipping companies, like FedEx and UPS, are able to give the U.S. the data in the electronic shipping record for every parcel. This includes names, addresses and phone numbers.
"Maybe there is a changing tone at TSA, there is an understanding that screening alone for items in past attacks may not be enough for a future attacks," said Rick Nelson, director of the homeland security and counterterrorism program at CSIS. Cargo is different from passenger, said Nelson, "the cost to screen all the cargo in the global systems is unaffordable and impractical. You can't do that, have to take a new approach."
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re: 'data mining methods...names, addresses, phone numbers'

It is ridiculously obvious anymore. Due to the chaos created by the sudden rash of alleged 'package bombs', TSA has announced their intention to "overhaul" the entire system - create a 'new order' out of the 'chaos' that is. The new order looks to replace screening with a global system of "data mining". Screening every package is not feasible, say they, give us hard data. Names, addresses, phone numbers. Every package delivered anywhere on the planet into the databank.
Do not be surprised to see mandatory rfid's worked into the equation. Each individual package would then carry it's own information and be instantly trackable anywhere and anytime. Who is doing what and where.
This system would eventually allow control of all commerce on earth. Can you say 666? You are seeing it.
Luke 21:28 'And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh'
see: Rapture vs. 2nd Coming Lewis Sperry Shafer

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