Video: Stuttering TSA Head Blames 'Bra Bombers' For Patdowns

John Pistole stumbles over his 'lines'...

It is interesting to observe that as the patdown/scanner controversy continues to explode, all made possible by a few staged events - Christmas day a year ago undie-boy, Times Square fake-bumbler-bomber, and even the UPS/not UPS package bomber [here], to name a few of the few - the NWO's little 'terrorists in America' ditty is, in the minds of the majority of the people who cannot see through it, fast becoming a 'truth'. The question then becomes not the need for the draconian security itself but the method to be used. At that point, they've got the people right where they want them and the battle is all but won.

Two steps forward, one step back? Chips and/or bio-identifiers anybody? One thing certain...the 666-ers have permanently changed the whole world already. Do not miss this. Rev. 18:4

compare: NJ Senators Challenging 'Tyrannical-Sexual-Assaulters' i.e. TSA, But Validate NWO Excuse 11-16-10
Jeremiah 5:26 'For among my people are found wicked men: they lay wait, as he that setteth snares; they set a trap, they catch men'

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