2,900+ Public, Private Schools To "Mix Up" Kids With Homosexual Propaganda TODAY 10-30-12 (Globally)

reposted from 10-8-12; Today is the day. Homosexual-indoctrinators are taking over schools today globally with one goal - to 'mix up' the kids with their homosexual propaganda:
Southern Poverty Law Center Pushes Homosexual Tolerance to Elementary Students with ‘Mix It Up’ Day christiannews.net

A national civil rights group that is known for its advocacy of the homosexual lifestyle is promoting its annual “Mix It Up” tolerance day to elementary schools...On Tuesday, October 30th [today], over 2,000 public and private schools across the United States are scheduled to participate in an observance spearheaded by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which begins at, but is not limited to, lunchtime. It focuses on encouraging youth to meet up with and affirm those who are different from them, including those who are openly homosexual...“Mix It Up” is part of the organization’s “Teaching Tolerance” program.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is providing resources and activities that can be implemented at each grade level. For instance, for grades K-2, the organization has activity ideas outlined for teachers under a program called “It’s Okay to Feel Different.” Students will learn about the meaning of the words “difference” and “diversity,” among others.

On its website, the Southern Poverty Law Center lists the over 2,000 schools that are said to be participating in the upcoming effort. However, according to reports, some schools have been shocked to find their name included unaware...“Many school administrators were offended to learn that their school was listed as a ‘participating” school on the SPLC website and ordered it removed immediately,” states the American Family Association. “In some cases, students or teachers independently signed the school up without approval, leaving principals and superintendents unprepared for phone calls from concerned parents.”

“AFA is joining other family-oriented groups in urging parents to keep their children at home that day if their local school is sponsoring the ‘Mix It Up’ project,” it states. “The Southern Poverty Law Center is using this project to bully-push its gay agenda, and at the same time, intimidate and silence students who have a Biblical view of homosexuality.”

“See if your school is on the list,” the American Family Association continues. “If it is, a simple phone call or letter to school administrators telling them your child will not attend school on October 30 may be enough to cause some participating schools to change their plans to sponsor, endorse, or promote ‘Mix It Up’ day. ” ...A list of participating schools may be viewed here [the individual schools are no longer listed - 10-30-12]
10-30-12 update from link directly above:

 Number of schools committed to Mix It Up at Lunch Day: 2918

International Schools participating in Mix it Up:
•Yokota Middle School: Tokyo, JAPAN
•American-British Academy (ABA): Muscat, OMAN
•Tabeetha School: Jaffa, ISRAEL
•Lansdowne Middle School: Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA
•Saint George School: Santo Domingo, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC
•Seoul American High School: Seoul, KOREA, REPUBLIC OF
•American International School of Jeddah: Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA
•Hellenic-American Educational Foundation: Athens, GREECE
•"Evrika" Educational Center for Gifted Children: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski, RUSSIAN FEDERATION

Parents, red alert, it is now officially impossible to protect your children from sodomite indoctrination in either public or private schools without being aggressively proactive. The school system nationwide has been hijacked and transformed into homosexual recruitment centers. That exact goal is stated here and that openly. The homosexual-agendizers are launching a new proactive campaign of their own to 'mix up' all the boys and girls of America - to confuse them so that they will not know right from wrong, force homosexual 'affirmation' into their 'world view', and enlist who knows how many new little converts with their in-your-child's-face forced acceptance strategy - and they're walking right in through the front door.

And how many adults are left who can still see it for what it is? Fewer by the day seemingly. For those who have already bought into the 'homosexual lie', you should understand that it is because your mind and conscience have been seared [1Tim 4:2] by your unchecked acceptance of such ungodliness. Still time to wake up, check it, and then reject it though.

The Word of God is unequivocal in the condemnation of any and all sexual sin - homosexual behaviour without question included - and no man can ever 'uncheck' what God has said definitely needs to be 'checked'. The only option at this point for parents of school age children is to be absolutely proactive yourselves and protect your children from having their minds and souls 'mixed up' by teaching them the truth of the Word of God on the issue [link]. Either that or you are surrendering your children to the 'mixer-uppers'.
Rev. 18:4
compare: Homosexual Indoctrination Gone Wild: Australian "Proud Schools" Teach Heterosexuality Not The Norm 10-21-12 "Australian school children are to be told that heterosexuality is not the norm, according to a new education department pilot program called “Proud Schools.”"

also: The Pedophiles Are Coming, The Pedophiles Are Coming: Greece Redefines Child Molestation As "Disability"
 1-10-12 "Like the reprobate homosexual agenda, the reprobate child molestation agenda [Rom. 1:28] is global. And more evident than ever, it is absolutely on fast-forward. The line is not being moved ever so slightly, it is being bulldozed"
Eph. 5:6 'Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience'

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rkeefe57 said...

Ironically, NOT ONE of the SPLC's top executives is a minority.

In fact, despite being located LITERALLY in the back yard of Dr. Martin Luther King's home church in Montgomery, the SPLC has NEVER hired a person of color to a highly paid position of authority in its entire 41-year history.


Even the SPLC's laughably named "Teaching Tolerance" program, which purports to promote diversity in the K-12 classroom, has been led by "whites only" for 20 of its 21 years.

Maybe its time for the white millionaires who run the SPLC to practice what they preach.