DHS To Deputize 8,000 Amtrak Employees As Big Brother Agents

Follow up on: Houston Got BusSafe, Now San Fransisco Transit System To Get 288 "Behavior Analysis" Cameras 6-6-12 "What was done on the Houston Metro system is only a trial of a program already slated for nationwide implementation. And as stated...above, "the move to monitor and curtail crime on buses and trains is just one component of a much larger initiative". This "much larger initiative" statement seems to make clear that the NWO self-proclaimed elite intend to make "monitoring and curtailing" a fact of life just about anywhere one may go in New Amerika. [see post]
Amtrak Joins the Police State fff.org

[excerpted] According to Homeland Security Today, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has forged “a new partnership” with “the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Amtrak to battle the trafficking of humans.”

DHS will train “over 8,000 frontline transportation employees and Amtrak Police Department officers” on how to recognize and report trafficking indicators and suspected traffickers. Those frontline employees include anyone who comes into regular contact with the public, including ticket sellers. If Wikipedia can be trusted, there are currently about 450 Amtrak police who handle law enforcement and security for the government-owned passenger train system.

Soon, over 8,000 Amtrak employees will overtly or covertly examine passengers for the validity of their identification, their level of stress, how they interact, and their conversations. It is so necessary to treat Amtrak customers as criminal suspects because, according to HS Today, an “estimated 100,000 children are trafficked in the sex trade in the United States each year,” with the average age being 11 to 14, and some being as young as 9. This means that passengers — and especially men — traveling with children will be subject to enhanced scrutiny. Perhaps the trained employees will engage children in conversation or demand a statement of their relationship status with the accompanying adults.

The total police state that operates at airports is spreading to train stations — and beyond. HS Today states that the Department of Transportation “is currently training its more than 55,000 employees to identify and report human trafficking.”

In theory, people may still be free to exercise their constitutional right against unreasonable searches and refuse to comply. In practice, as happens at airports, those who resist will almost certainly be denied the ability to travel and will perhaps be detained for questioning by the police. Government officials have long argued that such items as a driver’s license are not only mandatory for travel but also state-granted privileges rather than inalienable rights.

The partnership between DHS and Amtrak allows the government one more avenue of surveillance; it chips one more bit of freedom away from the average person, who is just trying to make it through the day. In the future, when a man boards a train in the company of a minor or a woman, or when he merely looks suspicious, he may be asked where he is going, for how long, and why. What is his relationship to the companion? What is his profession? The companion may be asked whether she feels free to step away from the other passenger. She may be questioned separately and her story compared to the other passenger’s. And heaven help anyone who looks sad, enraged, or stressed out.

Another channel of convenience and freedom is being lost to national-security agents who seem determined to turn all of America into an airport screening zone.

Human trafficking yada yada...the reality is that the self-proclaimed 'global elite' fully intend to do exactly that - traffic in humans. In essence to own every person on the planet as their private property....like so much cattle.  Freedom to move about at will definitely is not to be allowed, cattle are to be kept in pens. The would-be overlords of humanity have absolutely no other agenda with regard to the 'global sefdom' - and that is absolutely true. Be well informed; see: Peter Drucker And NWO Slave Workers 11-10-10

Rev. 18:4

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