One World Religion: Billy Graham, Franklin Graham Hold Prayer Meeting With Mormon Romney

Follow up on: NWO's Romney 'Outshines' NWO's Obama In First Debate - Global Interfaith Agenda Unfolding? 10-4-12  "...the last four years have seen the absolute decimation of constitutional government in the USA, and that by design...Restructuring the new-order is another aspect of the agenda, and a major component of that is the 'one-world-religion' factor. Without question, Romney in the White House playing the Mormon role would bring this to the forefront. - "Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney made reference to a universal god during Wednesday night’s presidential debate via a single statement not particularly related to the debate issues at hand. "We’re a nation that believes that we’re all children of the same God,” Romney said." [see post]
updated 10-16-12 Romney visits, prays with Rev. Billy Graham

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — GOP nominee Mitt Romney and Rev. Billy Graham discussed policy and personal connections Thursday at a meeting at the evangelical leader’s home that ended with the men praying together.

"I'll do all I can to help you. And you can quote me on that," Graham said at the end of the 30-minute meeting, which also included his son Franklin.

The men discussed religious freedom and persecution, the conflict in Afghanistan and growing ministries in nations such as China and North Korea.

Quoting from the 'follow up' link above, Romney during the first debate stated that America is "a nation that believes we're all children of the same God". Obviously the statement was strategic. The fact of the matter is that that 'theology' comes from the New World Order One World Religion handbook. That handbook calls for the 'christianizing' of Mormonism, or more correctly, the de-christianizing of true biblical Christianity to the point that the false Mormon Jesus and the false Mormon gospel are no longer anything to be concerned about. As long as they use the name "Jesus" that is all that matters - even though the doctrine of the Mormon Jesus is that he is the spirit-offspring of the 'father God' who used to be a man on another planet before becoming God; that it was through actual physical sexual relations with 'Mary' that 'Mormon Jesus' was conceived [link]; and that he also is the spirit-brother of Lucifer [it gets much worse; see 'Joel Osteen' below]; all of which is a wretched perversion of the true biblical doctrine of the "only begotten of the Father" who "was made flesh" [John 1:14]. But don't worry about all that, it doesn't matter because the two Jesus's have the same name so they must be the same right? So say Billy Graham and Franklin Graham [and Chuck Smith - see below], proving themselves once again to be - to the still incredulous unbelief of many who have long been blind to the "Billy Graham" reality - false apostles. When this reality is accepted, as it absolutely can no longer be denied by any, the realization that a person is left with is one of true amazement. The one man who has for the last half-century been considered to be the absolute icon of modern Christianity, turns out to be 'not real' [2Cor. 11:13-14,15].

That may come as a real shocker for some, but the fact is, although few ever recognized it, that Billy Graham from the start of his career was working the ecumenical angle, bringing divergent groups together for 'crusades'. This required cooperation between the groups, i.e. ecumenicism. At this point it has now become very obvious that the Billy Graham movement was designed for this very purpose, and it has been carried through from beginning to end. And so now here at the end is the culmination of his life's work - signing off on Mormonism as compatible with Christianity, giving his own personal Billy Graham endorsement to the un-biblical false god of Mormonism by praying with Romney. A faithful servant of the 'god of this world' all the way.

The 'Mormons are Christian' agenda is set to go big, and many of the biggest names in apostate Christendom are already on board, a virtual who's who. No excuse can be made for any involved. The reality is that what pretends to be the Christian Church in this world is an infiltrated counterfeit - infiltrated by the ministers of Satan [2Cor. 11:14-15] in every sphere. Truly we are witnessing the days of which the book of Jude speaks - the final apostasizing of Christianity - when certain men would have crept in unawares, and made themselves to be leaders, only to then deny "the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ" [Jude 4] - as Franklin and Billy Graham just did openly. And they have not crept in alone:

Compare: Apostasy Gone Wild: Catholics, Jews, 'Christians', And 'Mormon' Glenn Beck - "Under God Indivisble" 7-27-12 " Confirmed speakers: Franklin Graham; Dr. Ravi Zacharias; Ps. Robert Morris; Rev. Robert Sirico; Dr. Ken Hutcherson; Dr. Jim Garlow; Dr. Tony Evans; Kenneth Copeland; Rabbi Aryeh Spero; Dr. Richard Land; James Robison; Dr. David Jeremiah; Rev. Samuel Rodriguez; Ps. John Hagee; Bishop Harry Jackson; David Barton; Fr. Jonathan Morris; Jay Richards" - "all joining in "indivisible spiritual unity under God". And very important to note, that is exactly what will happen. Of course it should also be clearly understood that it will be the 'god of this world' under which this 'indivisible worldly unity' will be achieved" [see post]

Calvary Chapel's Chuck Smith Bows To Mormon God; Tells 10-yr Old Girl "Good Mormons...Will Be In Heaven" 11-10-11 "The "Jesus" of the Mormon religion is a blasphemous denial of the truth of the person and of the deity of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and of the efficacy of his blood shed on the cross at Calvary, as every 'preacher' of the gospel should be well aware. [see post]

Joel Osteen Denies Christ - Says Mormonism Is Christian; Book Of Jude Comes Alive 10-23-11 "Joel Osteen is fulfilling Jude's prophecy. In equating Christianity and the Mormon religion, which is actually an outright denial of true biblical Christianity, especially with regard to the attributes of God and the deity of Christ, Osteen is now openly "denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ". There is no way around it." [see post]

10-14-12 update: Reference To Mormonism As Cult Scrubbed From Billy Graham Website
Gal. 1:9 'As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed'

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