One World Religion: Third "Stand Up For Religious Freedom" Interfaith Rally Today 10-20-12

reposted from 10-17-12 with update:

Stand Up Rally Co-Director Published In Washington Times 10-19-12 "Stand Up Rally co-director Eric Scheidler had an op-ed piece published in the Washington Times today, calling on liberals and moderates to take seriously our concerns over the erosion of religious freedom in our country. The article was published under the title “Religious freedom attacks threatens every American: HHS mandate is only the beginning.”

Manhattan Declaration Blog Highlights Rally Effort 10-18-12 "Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally Co-Chairman Eric Scheidler has an article posted today on the Manhattan Declaration blog, highlighting the nationwide rallies this Saturday and the ongoing fight against the HHS Mandate"
As stated previously but now coming to fruition, the connection between the "Manhattan Declaration" group [500,000+] and the "Stand Up" movement will be hugely significant. Note also the 'Stand Up' co-director's comment that the HHS "is only the beginning"...which no-doubt is a reference to the homosexual pseudo-marriage issue now on the fast track to SCOTUS [link], already declared a major rallying point for the groups. research: 'Manhattan Declaration' (track it all the way back to the beginning if interested)


Third Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally Saturday, October 20

This peaceful, nationwide event, the third of its kind, will protest the HHS Mandate and other attacks on religious freedom coming from the federal government, especially during this critical election year.

The first two Stand Up Rallies were held on March 23 and June 8 [see below]. Over 300 rallies were held in cities and towns across the country, with attendance topping 125,000.

Each of the October 20 Stand Up for Religious Freedom rallies is being locally sponsored and organized, so no two are quite alike. However, you can expect to see colorful signs and banners at the Rally, hear inspiring speeches about fighting the current attacks on religious freedom like the HHS Mandate and join in hymns and prayers for our nation.

The Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom [is] a peaceful, family-friendly, non-partisan, ecumenical event.

[At latest count] Cities and Towns Participating in the October 20 Rally - 145 cities in 43 states

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First Major Rally To Oppose HHS Mandate Today, March 23, 2012; 140 Sites Nationwide 3-23-12 "standupforreligiousfreedom.com...The speakers at the more than 130 Rally sites represent a wide array of backgrounds and professions, including members of Congress, physicians, college presidents, pastors, radio hosts, law professors, heads of organizations, publishers, religious sisters, pregnancy resource directors, and rabbis." - The paradigm-shifting significance of today's event cannot be understated. Never before seen in the U.S. - the government moving to restrict religion, and a first ever "unifaith" rally to oppose. It is a historical moment, but not in a good way. And definitely be aware that this is only the beginning of the what the NWO has planned in terms of using 'religious protest' to disrupt Americana.

2nd Interfaith Rally To Oppose HHS Mandate Today 6-8-12; 164 Cities; NWO Religious Civil Unrest Plan Underway 6-8-12 ""Understanding that the "attack against religious freedom" is designed to accomplish this very thing [interfaith organizations forming], the NWO strategy becomes very apparent. As designed, neither the government nor the religious groups will yield their position, which leaves only one outcome possible, that being society destabilizing chaos. Just as planned...Religious groups protesting to protect their core beliefs and the government refusing to give in is going to dramatically change life in the USA - permanently. Voila. The opportunity has been created to find "solutions". For starters, solutions like "interfaith partnerships". - This will be the second "Stand Up" rally, and they already have an interfaith - civil rights groups coalition of 65 organizations...Sixty-five different religious and secular organizations and the entire Catholic Church all fighting against the one "common enemy"? It is plain to see that the NWO ordo ab chao plan is working 'like a charm' already.

Globally-synthesized religion is an absolute must for the architects of the novus ordo seclorum aka the NWO aka Zionist global kingdom, and the HHS mandate is without question facilitating the goal in America 'like a charm". A kabbalist charm that is. The reality is that without the HHS mandate, there would be no ecumenical "hymns and prayers" (as stated in the posted article) being offered up in the cites and towns of America to the generic ecumenical god of the NWO. But thanks to the HHS mandate there sure is now, so much so that the "interfaith coalition" is well on it's way to becoming the new way of 'doing religion' [link] in the 'new paradigm' of New Amerika.

If Mitt "we are all the children of the same god" Romney (as stated in the first debate and repeated in the second) is in fact installed in the White House, as it looks increasingly every day as if that is exactly what is going to happen, it is not known how this HHS mandate movement will be affected. However the so-called election goes though [link], what is certain is that the next phase of the plan is already written into the script, and that the interfaith-coalition movement will be bigger and stronger than ever - especially if Romney is in fact the 'chosen one'. Watch and see...and do not ecumenisize, Christian.
Rev. 18:4
2Cor. 6:15 'And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?'


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