Seattle Police Cleared By FAA To Use Drones; Hold
Pre-launch Public Demonstration

Seattle Police display drones they hope to deploy seattletimes.com

The public will have its first chance to view the drone aircraft Seattle police hope to deploy during a 6 to 8 p.m. [today 10-25-12] Thursday presentation at Garfield Community Center. Though a drone will not be flown at the community center, 2323 E. Cherry St., one will be on display and police will answer questions about the department's unmanned aerial vehicles, police said.

In addition, a draft of the department's proposed policies on the use of drones was released on Wednesday on the police department blog "SPD Blotter" (seati.ms/TBvxHL). Whitcomb said concerns from the public may be used to fine-tune the department's policies before the document is submitted to the City Council's Public Safety, Civil Rights and Technology Committee.

The department's intended use of drones came to light earlier this year when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) gave approval for Seattle police to use unmanned aerial vehicles, more commonly known as drones. According to the nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation, SPD was among only a handful of law-enforcement agencies to win FAA approval to use drones, with the majority going to academic, military and government organizations.

Aerial drones, which can be as small as a hummingbird or as large as a jet, are most commonly known for the military's use of them in the Middle East and Asia. But they have numerous domestic uses, according to the trade group Association for Unmanned Vehicles International.

[The video below is dated 8-1-12. The speaker in the video [1:04] mentions concerns about guidelines being in place for the use of the drones. As reported in the above article, those guidelines have now been released in draft form]

0:17 "We're extremely anxious to get this out..."

This post is a follow up on: "Edge Of A New Horizon" - 106 Government And 4 Private Entities Already Cleared To Fly Domestic Drones 7-20-12 "Drone surveillance is over the edge right into Orwells Brave New World. Be informed because it's real and it's here" [see post]

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Orwell's Brave New World of Amerikan totalitarianism is officially 'off the ground'. Seattle is only the beginning. It will not be long before every police department in the country is using drone surveillance. And while they may start out with "guidelines" to 'protect privacy', as claimed, once the program really gets going, reality says all bets are off. Be watching for them - they'll be watching for you. Rev. 18:4

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