NWO To Use Martial Law At Georgia - South Carolina College Football Game

This post is a follow up on: Martial Law Update: Marines, Police Train "Special Reaction Teams" In NC 9-4-12 "The Marine Core training civilian police does one thing and one thing only. It brings civilian law enforcement under military control. Once that control is gained it will not be relinquished. Obviously that is the intent." [see post]
Military Police Used for Crowd Control at College Football Game

COLUMBIA, SC (AP/WIS) - Columbia police are preparing for the big crowds expected after the Georgia-South Carolina football game Saturday night.

Police officials said Tuesday they will spend more than $11,000 in overtime for 50 officers who will be assigned to Columbia's Five Points and Vista areas to work after the game.

Officials say campus police, Richland County sheriff's deputies, the South Carolina Highway Patrol and Fort Jackson's military police will help with crowd control after the game.

Assistant Police Chief Les Wiser says the plan includes barricades, DUI checkpoints and observation towers to keep the crowd under control. "We're going to ensure order through enforcement of all laws

Today the military shows up at a potentially rowdy 'rival-college' football game, and tomorrow...could be anywhere. And definitely notice that they're bringing barricades and observation towers too. Military showing up at a college football game is called mission creep. The mission is military command of the 'homeland' comrade, aka martial law, and it just took another 'giant step' forward without saying "mother may I". Take note.
Compare: Show And Tell In U.S. Congress 9-8-11: Mobile Surveillance Towers 9-8-11 "The Mobile Utility Surveillance Tower (MUST) is slated for demonstration to The House of Representatives, Senate and their staffs today, according to Homeland Security Newswire. This announcement of technology that will enable local police to address "emergency response, crowd control, or general surveillance" comes on the heels of the latest Homeland Security Report detailing a call for just such cooperation between federal authorities and local law enforcement to combat the new terror threat that resides on American soil."

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