Major U.S. Health Organization Adds Voice to 'Debate', Calls For Mandatory Vaccinations For Health Workers

Follow up on: Advisory Committee 'Recommends' Yearly Vaccinations For All 6-27-10 "U.S. government panel now pushing "vaccinations for all!" No exceptions…" [see post]
Pediatricians will join call for mandatory flu shots
The American Academy of Pediatrics plans to call for all health workers to get flu vaccinations, saying unvaccinated doctors, nurses and other medical staffers pose a threat to patients.
The academy, which represents 60,000 pediatricians, is the latest of several organizations that now back mandatory flu shots for health workers. The groups include the National Patient Safety Foundation, the Infectious Diseases Society of America and the Society of Healthcare Epidemiologists.
The new push to make flu shots compulsory for health workers was prompted by low vaccination rates during last year's swine flu pandemic, Poland says. It probably will bring to a head a debate that has festered for more than a decade, he says.
Nancy Hughes of the American Nurses Association says her organization also believes all registered nurses should get flu shots. But the nursing organization has steadfastly opposed mandatory vaccine, a policy to be reviewed today by its board of directors. "There may be a change of policy, there may not be," Hughes says. "We're very concerned about seasonal influenza. We don't want to see a nurse infected either."
re: "bring to a head a debate"
Mandatory toxic-soup mystery injections - another 'Big Brother agenda' item that is not going to go away. In fact, it's on the front burner now. As the 'follow up' linked article at the top of this post revealed, a U.S. "Advisory Committee" is now recommending mandatory vaccinations for all, no exceptions. And apparently, with today's news as related in the above article, the U.S. medical industry is about to become the first group forced to take the plunge...of the NWO's needle.
Of course, the "debate" must do it's Hegelian-magic first. How fast that happens is anybody's guess. The intention is clear though, and extremely problematic, especially when taking into consideration that the primary reason used to justify injecting the population with unknown substances, i.e. "low vaccination rates during last year's swine flu pandemic", is the fact that "last year's swine flu pandemic" was plain and simple a hoax. Nothing more, nothing less than an NWO global-consolidation scheme [here].

Wonder if mandatory vaccinations will end up being part of so-called Obama-care?

Oh, and especially beware of any future 'pandemics' and/or so-called 'superbugs'...Big Brother's Zionist kingdom slave masters are coming to getcha, and they've got sharp needles. Rev. 18:4
Psalms 94:23 '...he shall bring upon them their own iniquity, and shall cut them off in their own wickedness; yea, the LORD our God shall cut them off'

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