NJ Senators Challenging 'Tyrannical-Sexual-Assaulters' i.e. TSA, But Validate NWO Excuse

Follow up on: Big Brother/TSA Officially Begins 'Enhanced Patdown' Groping Program Nationwide Friday 10-29-10 "If anything about the reasons for these things being done were true, then that would be another story. But the entire scam is built upon staged events..."
TRENTON— Senator Michael J. Doherty (R-Hunterdon, Warren) and Senator James Beach (D-Camden) today announced they will present resolutions to the Senate and Assembly calling on the U.S. Congress to end TSA screening procedures requiring full body scans and pat downs at U.S. airports Their action comes in response to widespread concerns over privacy and radiation, as well as reports of inappropriate conduct by TSA agents during the screening process.

“The pursuit of security should not force Americans to surrender their civil liberties or basic human dignity at a TSA checkpoint,” said Doherty. “Subjecting law-abiding American citizens to naked body scans and full body pat downs is intolerable, humiliating, vulnerable to abuse, and is fast becoming a disincentive to travel. Particularly concerning to us is the fact that physical searches result in children being touched in private areas of the body. Terrorists hate America* because of the freedoms upon which this great nation was built. By implementing these screening measures, the TSA has already handed a victory to those who seek to destroy our freedoms.”

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re: 'pursuit of security...terrorists'
TSA-opposition is definitely mounting on all sides, but while viewing this video, it should be observed as demonstrated here by the New Jersey Senators, that the official political spin remains unchanged, i.e the ongoing need for the "pursuit of security".
Opposing the form but validating the 'reason' is in reality a Hegelian dialectic technique. They are still selling the *'boogie-man is gonna get you' theme as the justification for forcing their NWO tyranny across the planet. Good cop, bad cop. It is a very old trick.
The stage is set. New-order-creating turmoil ahead as the clash/'chaos' plays out. As designed. Should be interesting. Luke 21:36

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