Unrelenting Push Of Globalism: More Signs

Publisher accused of 'dechristianising' church encyclopedia

Academic publisher Blackwell has been accused of attempting to "dechristianise" the Encyclopedia of Christian Civilisation it was due to publish in order to make it politically correct.
Kurian also claims that the press wants to delete words including "Antichrist", "Virgin Birth", "Resurrection", "Evangelism" and "Beloved Disciple" from the book...
To make the treatment 'more balanced', they also want the insertion of material denigrating Christianity in some form or fashion," Kurian wrote in a letter he circulated to contributors criticising Blackwell's actions. "This is the most blatant form of censorship in the history of religious publishing."
The "anti-christ" one world religion will be just that. An attempt to "delete" the Lord Jesus Christ permanently. It will fail miserably...for it is written. Just as the apostle John testified of what he witnessed, so shall it be: "And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign forever and ever." (Rev. 11:15)
Marchers block Mexico-US border

Hundreds of people in Mexico have blocked key crossings into the US in protests against the deployment of the army to fight drug traffickers. Traffic was brought to a halt on a number of bridges in several border towns in northern Mexico. The protesters accused the army of abuse against civilians. Government officials said the blockades had been organised by drug gangs.

Multiple stories daily reporting of 'civil unrest' brewing throughout Mexico, and basically what amounts to martial law being introduced as the solution. The destablization of Mexico for assimilation into the Canada/American NAU merger is on fast forward. compare: Continuation of U.S. Martial Law Phase In: Militarizing The Border Areas
EPA expected to act in regulating carbon dioxide
The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to act for the first time to regulate carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that scientists blame for the warming of the planet, according to top Obama administration officials.
The decision, which most likely would play out in stages over a period of months, would have a profound impact on transportation, manufacturing costs and how utilities generate power.
"What we are likely to see is an interplay of authorities, some new, some existing," she said.
That's the 'only' bottom line right there..."What we are likely to see is an interplay of authorities". Under the green guise, the authoritarian government system will be installed. It will "play out in stages" so people will gradually become adjusted to the control mechanisms. It will definitely have a "profound impact" as all aspects of life on the planet come under regulatory control.see: Green 'Scientists': Hamburgers Cause Global Warming;
'Climate Change' Lie Used To Change World
Bird flu remains a threat to humans, U.N. says
Curiously, the human infections in China this year didn't follow a reported poultry outbreak, and Martin urged Beijing to enhance surveillance to ensure that outbreaks don't go unreported.
"We don't know which virus strain is going to do it," Troedsson said. "What's important for us is that governments continue to do their preparedness planning."
Threats, threats, and more threats. The United Nations is the threat monger this time. Building the system: Surveillance and preparedness training simply create the networks to establish top down control over, in this instance, the various medical and law enforcement agencies, as well as any other groups that might be interrelated in some way. This is necessary for global management. compare: Bird Flu Nightmare 'Soon..Upon Us'?

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