'Beast' Devours Second European Country

Latvia's government collapses

Latvia's center-right coalition government collapsed Friday, a victim of the country's growing economic and political turmoil and the second European government, after Iceland, to disintegrate because of the international financial crisis.
Public discontent, unsurprisingly, is rising, while trust in the government has plummeted along with the economic figures. After about 10,000 people gathered for a peaceful demonstration in January, violence broke out. Scores of protesters battled police officers and ransacked stores, while 40 people were injured - the country's worst rioting since the Soviet Union's breakup.
Latvia became one of a growing list of countries to turn to international financial institutions. Now, amid the political meltdown, the IMF will visit next week to assess its program.
re: turn to international financial institutions
The completely fabricated and ongoing so-called global economic crisis provided the necessary circumstances for the "international financial institutions" to devour Latvia's economy, as this story points out. But to finish the demolition job on Latvia and fully assimilate another sovereign nation into the 666 global system, as was done just last month in Iceland, the government would have to be collapsed so it too could be taken over. Mission accomplished in Latvia. Ordo ab chao strikes again!
The rest is details.
Be alerted to the lateness of the hour by these dramatic events. Rev. 18:4
Thus saith the Lord as to mankind's Anti-christ one world government, the very "beast" baring his fangs before our eyes: "I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him." Ezekiel 21:27
see: The Stone the Builders Rejected (Bible prophecy: The crushing of the Antichrist system at the return of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; Daniel ch. 2)

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