Blair, w/Obama, Pushing 'Global Religion' Script

Blair Pushes Global Religion as he stands alongside Obama at prayer breakfast

But the former Prime Minister lectured the world yesterday on the need to put faith at the heart of global affairs.
Yesterday he threw off those inhibitions and said: 'I believe restoring religious faith to its rightful place, as the guide to our world and its future, is itself of the essence.
Today, religion is under attack...it is corroded by extremists who use their faith as a means of excluding the other.
related: Obama Signs Executive Order on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships 2-5-09 "The office’s top priority will be making community groups an important part of economic recovery and reducing poverty"...[and]..."to bring everyone together – from both the secular and faith-based communities, from academia and politics – around our common goals...”
re: Blair "lectured the world"
Globalist speechreader Blair, standing alongside fellow globalist speechreader and teammate Obama, and reciting from the same old Zionist global domination script, sends the message that the agenda for the world's religions to submit themselves to the global system will be taken to the next level. This particular speech itself was basically generic, but the Blair/Obama duo clearly indicates that the advancement of the plan to utilize religion as a means of global control has entered the next phase.
As to some specifics of that plan, this post from six months back: 'One World Church Rising', documented last year's launch of the so called Tony Blair Faith Foundaton (5-30-08), touching on the stated goals and identifying his fellow one-world religionists on the "advisory council":

"The Tony Blair Faith Foundation will fight extremism, organize faith groups against poverty and illness, and educate people worldwide about religions other than their own, he said.""

"The group's advisory council includes evangelical megapastor Rick Warren, who with his wife, Kay, advocates for HIV/AIDS victims worldwide; Ismail Khudr Al-Shatti, an adviser to the prime minister of Kuwait; and world Baptist and Jewish leaders. Catholic Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor of Westminster, England, has pledged to join the council when the pope allows him to retire."
Ignoring the oratorical doublespeak of Blair's most recent worldwide 'lecture', the above quote from six months ago reveals exactly where the globalist religion agenda is really going, i.e. "fighting extremism" and "organizing faith groups".
Extremists, bottom line, are any who will not bow in submission to the Warren Purpose-driven/Muslim/Jewish/Catholic interfaith antichrist spirit of the new world order. Non-submission cannot be tolerated. All must bow in religious harmony so that the 'organized faith groups' can be successfully woven into the NWO global management system as volunteer community social works agencies. It is just that simple.
With Operation Obama forcing the issue in the U.S., that pressure is about to be turned up as never before known, here and abroad. Bow not Christian, but beware, as the pressure grows many if not most will on every side eventually succumb to this 'anti-christ spirit' of NWO unity. Rev. 18:4
also see: The biblical 'false-prophet'
Numbers 25:2 'And they called the people unto the sacrifices of their gods: and the people did eat, and bowed down to their gods.'

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