Kansas, They Say, Like CA, Going 'Belly Up'

follow up on: California Goes 'Broke' 2-3-09 "what is happening in CA will need to done everywhere..."
and right on cue:
Kansas suspends income tax refunds, may miss payroll

TOPEKA, Kan. - Kansas has suspended income tax refunds and may not be able to pay employees on time, the state's budget director said Monday.

The state doesn't have enough money in its main bank account to pay its bills, prompting Democratic Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to suggest transferring $225 million from other accounts throughout state government. But the move required approval from legislative leaders, and the GOP refused Monday.
Goossen said the state might also have to delay payments to public schools and to doctors who provide care to needy Kansans under the Medicaid program.
re: not able to pay
Unbelievable or not, the strategy of 'deconstruction America' is plain and simple to see, but not at all pleasant to behold. The NWO has come to the point where it is literally dissolving the existing order of things and step by step (state by state) merging the U.S. into their 'new order', which is the regional system of global government called Agenda 21. The states will have to yield autonomy to, and be absorbed by, the 'beast'.
California and Kansas are getting the ball rolling. Two down, forty-eight to go.
Four months ago Schwarzenegger showed his NWO cards: Fed May See Companies, States as Next Crisis Fronts 10-6-08 (quote:) "Schwarzenegger told Paulson in an Oct. 2 letter that California and other states ``may be forced to turn to the federal Treasury for short-term financing'' if the crisis doesn't ease."
(Quoted comment from same post) "..the major financial firms have been consolidated at this point and taken over, and now corporate America and the state/local governments are next...There is no place for state and local governments (or nations for that matter) in the community based Agenda 21 system. It is a GLOBAL management scheme."
Dorothy, you are not in Kansas anymore.
Maranatha Days 1-31-09 (46 of 50 states on the verge of bankruptcy?)
The NWO wizards of Oz will fall. Call on the name of the LORD. ('Egypt' represents the world.) Rom. 10:13
Isaiah 19:3,22 'And the spirit of Egypt shall fail in the midst thereof; and I will destroy the counsel thereof: and they shall seek to the idols, and to the charmers, and to them that have familiar spirits, and to the wizards...And the LORD shall smite Egypt...'

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